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For years now, Clarie has been urging me (albeit jokingly) to put up a blog of my own. I've always resisted these suggestions, partly because I believe that putting up a blog would be self-indulgent and just a little bit vain, but mostly because I was too lazy to take the time. Well, as it turns out, I am self-indulgent and oh, just a tad bit on the vain side too. As for lazy, well, time will tell if this blog lives on longer than any of you will want it to. Because while I can lie and say that I'm starting this blog for you, my dear friends, to keep you "in-the-loop" as they say, the truth is, this blog is really for ME. Most of you could probably do without hearing about the first fortune cookie I opened when I got here or getting a YM link to the article I just read on the internet but I, sadly, cannot survive without telling you these little snippets of useless information. So rather than flood your inbox with long, rambling emails most of you would feel guilty about not responding to, I've decided to put up this blog where I can still tell you my silly, little stories and you get to read when you want and everyone, hopefully, is happy.

So drop by from time to time, keep your expectations low (I don't do well with titles so get used to it) and leave me comments when you can so I know someone's reading. =)

p.s. Oh, and please don't give anyone the link to this blog. I may be a little bit vain but I'm also paranoid. And I hate having to edit (or censor) myself.

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