‘p.s. i love you’ irritates

P.S. I Love You Trailer

Because I'm obviously not yet done procrastinating, here's the trailer for P.S. I Love You, a movie starring Hilary Swank (that girl who looks like a guy) as the wife of Gerard Butler who dies and from the grave (heehee) encourages her to move on with Harry Connick Jr. Now I don't have anything against Harry Connick. I like him as an actor and I love him as a singer. I even have a couple of his albums. But, hello! You don't replace a Gerard Butler with a Harry Connick. It's unthinkable. Unless you're an idiot like Tom Cruise and trade in your Nicole Kidman for a Katie Holmes. Or Brad Pitt and well, never mind. But to get back to the stupid movie, I don't know why a person has to replace someone with another person anyway. Call me idealistic, a hopeless romantic, and a fool but I believe that if someone's the love of your life, then as long as you're living they'd better damn (excuse the profanity) well stay the love of your life. Even when they're dead. Period.

Oh, and, p.s. The film also stars our favorite TV dead and undead guys, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and James Marsters. Though I don't remember seeing either of them in the trailer. I think.

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