the price of education

One hundred and fifty. That's the number of pages I have to read for a subject that hasn't even had its first class yet. It goes up every week too. Next week, it's two hundred and thirty-six. And lest you think I was industrious enough to actually count the number of pages (instead of reading them), the numbers are actually courtesy of my professor who, for some unknown reason, wanted us to know just how much trouble we were in for every week through his love letter (syllabus) to us, his students. Even more staggering is the number sixteen thousand, four hundred forty-three which is approximately the amount (in pesos) I have to pay for my books in that same subject. And that doesn't even include the readings we'll be photocopying. OH WELL.

Guess I've put off studying for as long as I can. Thirteen pages down. One hundred and thirty seven more to go.  Yipee-ki-yay.  

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