LoVe t-shirts!

Was looking for some of my graphic designer contacts for Ate's business to see if they'd be interested in designing for us (if you know of anyone or would be willing to give it a shot, leave me a message!), and I stumbled onto this design made by my friend, Cynthia, and just like that, I found myself missing Veronica Mars. Even though the last season was almost terrible and even though I get my fix of Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring on Gossip Girl, Moonlight and soon Heroes, I still wish they hadn't cancelled the series. It was one of the few ones we could all gush about, just like Hana Yori Dango and Roswell before it. What are you guys watching now?

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2 thoughts on “LoVe t-shirts!

  1. Oh wow. Nasuya ko. Behind na kaayo ko sa Entourage. Season 3 ra akong natiwas. Haven't even started on Season 4. And sa uban shows na…forget it na gyud. Napuno nalang akong DVR sa ga pundo nga unwatched shows. 😦

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