5 things i’ve learned since coming here

1. AC is for airconditioning and PI is for the Philippine Islands (We tried to teach my brother-in-law to say 'Pinas' instead but he couldn't say the word without sounding like a dirty lecher).
2. If the bus is late, 90% of the time you can blame it on a cyclist or the handicapped. No one cares if you miss your train by 30 seconds and have to wait an hour for the next one to come along.
3. Squirrels, in real-life, do not look like the ones we see in cartoons. They're skinnier, scrawnier and, well, just not as pretty.
4. If you don't have a car in the States, don't expect to go anywhere. Not to the ATM machine. Not to the grocery store. And definitely not to the theater. Which is why we can pretty much blame global warming on the Americans.
5. Spanish mass takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours. So if you're going to the 11:00 mass, eat before going.          

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2 thoughts on “5 things i’ve learned since coming here

  1. Sadly Ging, no…it means I really have to commute 6 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Why? Well, there's a long explanation but I guess it'd be safe to say I'm not getting a car. At least not anytime soon. My sister, the eternal optimist, does want me to get my driver's license though (apparently, the longer you've had your license, the less insurance you have to pay once you have a car) so I promised her I'd study for the written driver's test (which you need to get a student permit) this December.

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