NPH in Harold and Kumar 2

This poster cracked me up today. And after days of not smiling at all, I am now officially a member of the Neil Patrick Harris fan club. Not only is 'How I Met Your Mother' hilarious but it's amazing how I now have to even try to see Doogie Howser whenever I look at him.

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4 thoughts on “NPH in Harold and Kumar 2

  1. Thanks Ging! Sadly, wala'y party. Though I will have dinner this Monday with my mom and sister. Also, one of my classmates, Andrew, brought pastries so I guess you could say we had a breakfast party of sorts–during stat class of course. =)

  2. Hay naku, so quick to jump to conclusions. He's one of my classmates sa graduate class. Apparently, since bag-o ra nagre-open ang Comm dept sa UCDavis (it's a long story) why, we're only the second batch since the re-opening. Which means if last year, they had 4 graduate students taking up the Master's in Comm, this year, we're only…6. 5 girls, 1 boy. Si Andrew oldest namo (he's 28, I think) and since gamay ra mi and lisod kaayo among classes, we've all grown pretty close. Feeling nako Andrew sees himself as the big brother of the group. This Saturday, he and the other guy in the department (kadtong 2nd-year grad student na) arranged a get-together dinner for everyone but since others man ko (and 6-hours ang commute no), I'm not going. Next week it's Min Jung's (our Korean classmate) birthday. Hope Andrew brings pizza this time around. Hehehe.

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