post #17 (or thereabouts)

let it never be said that i'm not willing to make a fool of myself because lo and behold..

that abomination above is me on naproxen sodium. i had a massive headache earlier and took two tablets to relieve the pain and not quite ten minutes later, i have two puffy eyes, difficulty breathing and a runny nose. yay. i took excedrin the first time i came here and experienced the same effects. it sounds like the dumbest thing to happen to you twice, i know but i DID check the bottle and naproxen didn't have the same active ingredients as excedrin so i assumed it'd be okay. man, was that the wrong decision. so, now here i am all doped up, with eyes getting puffier by the minute and a term paper and presentation due tomorrow. i should be crying right now but my eyes are so swollen i'm afraid they might just pop out. i know the picture doesn't probably look as bad as i feel but trust me when i say it's BAD—and i was trying to make my eyes look bigger in the picture anyway.

sang, if you're reading this post, pa apil nalang ko'g padala sa imong cousin ug biogesic please. gi sapot na gyud ko sa mga tambal diri sa states. wala'y pulos. ga allergy pa gyud ko. and now i can barely see the screen so before my eyesight completely goes, i think i'll get back to my paper now. take care you guys! and let this be a cautionary tale to all of you out there–don't take any meds unless you know they're safe for you. adios amigos!

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