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my gosh. ka pangit man gyud diay sa akong nawong no with the swollen eyes and everything (it got a LOT worse, i can tell you). especially kay gi sunod sa pic ni zara on the cover of mode. wahahahaha! to somewhat redeem myself, i'm posting two other pics with some of my friends, old and new, over here:

this is me and alnie, my friend na kauban nako sa south africa. she moved to california about two years after we  graduated sa ateneo (ka batch mi but i think her course was management or something like that). we met up again in davis and had some "authentic" shawarma from this mediterranean place. lami siya but unfortunately nagdaut among mga tiyan shortly after eating just about half of it. obviously, this picture was taken before we started eating.

this is me with my persuasion class sans one other classmate, omar, who had to leave early. note the shades i had to wear because my eyes were still swollen from the allergies. guess which one's our teacher?

on the top row, from left to right: andrew (boston), angela (china), min jung (korea), ilana (san francisco) and me. on the bottom row, from left to right: zhenzhen (china) and professor lee (korea). just to tell you guys a little something about each of them…andrew is like our big brother (since he's also the oldest), sort of laid back and speaks with this slow drawl—kinda like a california dude which is strange since he's not from california—but it absolutely delights the koreans since they say it makes him so much easier to understand. angela is the 'fashionista' of the group, though you can't really tell from this picture. she's pretty funny too and doles out sage advice to me from time to time, like ' you really have to rest vida!' or 'you must have fun once in a while…go crazy!' in her lovely accent. min jung is a little bit more serious, always conscientious about her studies and my favorite griping partner when we both miss home and indulge ourselves by having one of our 'self-pitying/what-was-i-thinking-coming-here' grief sessions. ilana is our youngest, having just graduated from college. she's does some modeling and acting (mostly for indie films in san francisco), is always very enthusiastic and incredibly helpful in giving us tips about american and uc davis life (since she took up her undergrad in ucd too). zhenzhen is the most quiet though probably the nicest of all of us, makahinumdum ko sa twins or si ghea, kay buutan kaayo. i can't imagine her ever losing her temper. finally, professor lee is our teacher in persuasion. she's originally from korea (where she was summa cum laude) and got her ph.d. from stanford. she's super smart and is a pretty good teacher. we took this picture kay last na mi niya na class sa ucd kay she decided to move back to korea to teach in her former school (seoul national university, i think, which is one of the more prestigious schools in south korea). we gave her chocolates, flowers, and a card at the end of the class and kahilakon kaayo siya as she told us na sad siya na wala siya to see us finish our degrees but bantayun daw niya among careers if ever maka-publish mi sa journals. medyo touching biya.

anyway, that's about it. no real news to report kay i have one more paper (for stat) to finish and so having done my share of procrastination for the time being, i guess i really should get back to work. will post again when i finish my stat paper (if ever!)

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4 thoughts on “post #18

  1. Vidz maong asensado and Korea kay ilang mga bright manguli sa ila. Sa ato the opposite. Hay Pinas…puro lagi mo mga AZN PRYD lol sa imong class Vidz. Scholar pud sila?

  2. Mao Ging. Pero mo uli gyud ko uy—uli gyud ta Ging kay bati kaayo dinhi. Wala gyud ko nagenjoy, Mag-ipon lang ta'g kwarta, make use of their resources for a time, dayun balik ra ta to serve in Zara's cabinet. Hehehe. And no, not all of them are scholars. Just wealthy (at least compared to me).Na. Mahurot naman ang eps sa Gossip Girl. Murag isa nalang mabilin tungod sa strike. Ganahan ko ni Rufus and Lily but mas gwapuhan ko ni Rufus kadtong naa siya sa Brothers and Sisters. Clean-cut man gud siya didto. And rich. 🙂 And eeeviiilll gyud si Chuck. Not luod at all. In fact, sweet gani. And such a whore. Nalingaw ko niya. Bagay gyud sila ni Blair.

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