anywhere is possible.

"every time i watch heroes gakasuya gyud ko sa powers ni hiro. i'm changing my mind, dili na ko sa powers ni claire, kang hiro nalang. bisan wala na gani ang ability to manipulate time. ability to manipulate space nalang. happy na ko ana. para ka puyo ko sa CDO, tan-aw ug sine sa manila ug study sa california whenever i want. dayun palit ug pan sa france kung gutumon. hehehe. diba okay? no more traffic. no more commuting. no more cold weather sa winter. NO MORE!!!!"

i wrote those words to jc about a month ago in an email. reading it now, i realize how slightly deranged i sound but, as it turns out, i'm not the only one with fantasies of teleporting through space (if not time). check out this trailer from hayden christensen and rachel bilson's upcoming movie, jumper. it's looks pretty cool and, hopefully, it's good because i've been craving for a good action flick for some time now.

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