How I Spent The Holidays: Dec 14-16 (LA)

DAY 1: After arriving in LA, we head to…USC campus, Mackie's beloved alma mater where I spend the obligatory amount of time working on my stat paper (30 mins tops). Mackie then proceeds to enthusiastically drag me from building to building in the cold, cold night in search of Tom Brady, who we later find out is actually from Michigan. Oops. Here's a pic of me freezing my ass off in front a favorite Filipino must-have-in-pic fixture, the fountain:

DAY 2: Mackie's birthday. We pig out on an all-you-can-eat buffet and drop by Palos Verdes where we take our picture in front of yet another fountain:

We also drop by Buffy's old school, Sunnydale High:

DAY 3 was a busy day for us. First, Mackie is tricked into going to church (sadly, there is no picture for this), then we drop by the "plaza" in Carson City to visit my old buddy, JR, and the veterans (left).

Next stop: Lunch at Redondo Beach with 1) Mackie's mom and Kuya Fred's wife, 2) Kuya Fred and his daughter, Faye-faye (tama ba ang spelling Macks?) and 3) super tabi-an boy whose-name-I-can't-remember (click on pics to see enlarged versions)



After lunch, we pick up my friend from UP Spanish class, Arnel, and stop by the LACMA for the Salvador Dalí Painting and Film Exhibit. Then it's off to Hollywood where we do the usual touristy stuff (below), including having dinner at an expensive restaurant where the haughty Italian host reluctantly took a picture of some low-class Filipino patrons. And then, of course, we hang out with our favorite HSM buddy.

Me with Marilyn Monroe's PrintsArnel & Jimmy Stewart's PrintsWith Ricky Martin's StarAt L. Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland At Haughty's Restaurant

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