How I Spent The Holidays: Dec 17-19 (still in LA)

DAY 4: After a month of working on it, my stat paper finally gets finished in the wee hours of the morning. Mackie heads to the office for work and I spent most of the day (after having breakfast at Jollibee) shopping with Mackie's mom. In the evening, we meet up with Brian Cagadas and the other St. Marians in LA for an SMS Mini Reunion in, of all places, Max Restaurant. Here's a pic of that dinner, stolen from Kuya Fred's Facebook page:

DAY 5: I join Brian and the rest of the SMS boys (sans Mackie who still has work) for a rainy day trip to Universal Studios. Photos, which should be coming from Brian Cagadas, are, sadly, lacking and will have to be uploaded another time but for now, here's a pic of the guys (right) in the tram ride (Kerville went with us too but he's seated in the same section I'm in, so he's not in this picture).

After trying out most of the rides (The Mummy, Jurassic Park) and watching the shows (Shrek in 4D is just as ugly as he is in 2D), we meet up with Julie and Mackie for dinner–I don't remember where but I do remember there were mojitos—and dessert at the Cheesecake Factory.

UPDATE: Brian did get to send me more pictures but since I'm too lazy to post them here, check them out at my multiply site.

DAY 6:
Mackie and I visit the Getty Museum where we indulge our pretentious souls and, of course, take more pictures of ourselves:

Getty 2Getty 14Getty 8Getty Mirrors

And then, because it's my last day in LA, I take my picture with The Breakfast Club (sorry Macks, gi-cut tika; singit man gud ka; first pic below) and have one last Filipino dinner with the SMS group:

The Breakfast ClubSMS Alumni Reunion

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