How I Spent The Holidays: Dec 20 (San Francisco)

DAY 7: Mabelle's birthday. The day begins with us having breakfast at The 101 Coffee Shop in Hollywood, near Brian and the guys' hotel, where they shot scenes from the movie Swingers. At the coffee shop, Brian spots someone he thinks may be famous and later on turns out to be maybe Danny Nucci. We're not sure. But since we've already met up with the Zac Efron, we're not really too excited about maybe Danny Nucci anyway. After breakfast, Brian drives me, Basil & Mackie to San Jose where we pick up our rental car and drive to San Francisco. In the evening, Mackie and I meet up with Mabelle, Mabelle's husband (not pictured), Basil (also not pictured), Mabelle's daughter, Yvanna, and Joanna.

In San Francisco, Mackie and I also try to pass ourselves off as Mexi–excuse me–Latin American tourists but we're not very successful at it, partly because our Spanish sucks (well, more Mackie's actually, not mine) and apparently, Mackie is terrible at lying even when it's just pretending actually and doesn't really harm anyone. Hmph. Party pooper.

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