How I Spent The Holidays: Dec 21 (SF-Napa)

DAY 8: Mackie and I do a rushed tour of San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge and Monument, Fisherman's Wharf) followed by shopping (at least on Mackie's part) in Haight & Ashbury. After lunch, we drive to wine country Napa Valley.

I wish I could accurately describe the sight of Napa's vineyards which, even in winter, are still beautiful, or even give you a picture of the view from our hotel room but unfortunately we don't have really good pictures. Why? I'm not really sure. What I do know is that after arriving in Napa and a quick nap for Mackie (the driver), we're ready to do more than just appreciate the view. First, however, we pick a new identity. This time, we try to pass off as coño Filipinos touring the States. This lasts for about 10 minutes (again, Mackie's fault not mine since maglisod gyud daw siya'g Tagalog). We have a little more success with the next pretend identity we pick which is British (but for some reason, not really looking British), inspired by our GPS car system, Daniel, who we endow with a British accent. It lasts a little longer, I think because after doing some local sightseeing, we get slightly tipsy from our wine tasting session at the local shopping district (yes, we go shopping again and yes, Mackie again bought more clothes than me). Because pictures are always more fun than words, here are a few photos we took during our first night in Napa:

The aftermath of our wine tasting sessionInside a Doll ShopIn front of Napa's Mosaic Fountain

Joanna also joined us later that evening in the hotel so we were able to take some pics with her in front of my laptop:

Photo 84Photo 103Photo 104Photo 110Photo 111


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