TV’s Best-Dressed

A new year just isn't complete without some self-absorbed person making a top 10 list to look back on the year before. And so because tradition is an important thing to uphold, the internet gave us, oh, just a couple thousand by which to judge the year 2007. If you're a list junkie and/or actually care about the opinion of others, did a list of top 10 lists for 2007 while Time magazine actually came up with 50 Top 10 lists of their own. My personal favorite is TV Guide's Best-dressed TV Characters of 2007 for two reasons. First, there are only 5 items in the list, and second, it includes my personal favorites, Barney Stinson, and surprise, surprise, Gossip Girl's very own Blair Waldorf. Because the accompanying photo gallery to the article leaves much to be desired and because I obviously have too much time on my hands, here are some of Blair's more memorable outfits (pretty much ripped off from In Style's slideshow on Gossip Girl Style):

Blair in textured neutral dressBlair & SerenaBlair in black party dressBlair & Serena in school uniformsBlair in cream dress with gold embroidery

Also, I wanted to add that although Pushing Daisies' Emerson Cod made the list, the female lead, Chuck, also makes my list of TV's best-dressed for 2007:

Chuck in red dress and hatChuck in gold funeral dressChuck in green dress and knee-high bootsChuck in orange, yellow, & brown ensembleChuck in yellow dress and scarf

P.S.: In addition, to getting fashion kudos from TV Guide and In Style, GG also made's Best and Worst Hair on TV list. Unfortunately, while some characters got raves for their hair, some, well, didn't.

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3 thoughts on “TV’s Best-Dressed

  1. nindot ning gossip girl dai? light ra ba siya? looking foraward to getting back into my TV series addiction in the field. to keep me occupied while I haven't found my Cebuano prince charming. hehehe.

  2. yes jing! nindot ni siya..and super light…pang guilty pleasure gani sa mga critics. hehe. watch na dayun! sang and ging are already following the series and since bag-o ra siya nagstart, you only have to catch up to the middle of the first season. tell me dayun kang kinsang fashion style imong mas ganahan. 🙂

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