For anyone missing their teen dramas has an interesting if somewhat unhelpful to non-New Yorkers list on what to do to alleviate Gossip Girl withdrawal brought about by the overly long writer's strike:

a) Watch reruns and play Guzzle Girl, a GG-themed drinking game for New Yorkers. Sling back a shot for every location mentioned that you’ve been to/drank at/fornicated in. Double-time if it’s in your 'hood (Example: Dan: "The Sunshine Theater"; Me: Bam! Bam!).

b) Listen to Ed Westwick's indie rock band, appropriately named The Filthy Youth. Egads! Send in a picture of yourself with the self-damning phrase "I'm a Filthy Youth"; admire your picture once it's posted online with the string of other teenagers, strangely all female.

c) Go to the Palace Hotel's Gilt Restaurant and order yourself a grilled cheese with truffle oil, inspired by the show, for only $50. Get escorted out after barging into the back kitchen mumbling something about a gooey, attempted rape scene.

Meanwhile, for those of you missing the Vampire Slayer and Max Evans, I found a video of their alter egos, Sarah Michelle Parker and Jason Behr, doing an incoherent—and completely hilarious—karaoke version of Bohemian Rhapsody in Tokyo (the video here is part 2 of 2 only because the second one is so much funnier):

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