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so i was looking forward to finally having cable installed in my room today only to be told by the cable guy that he can't make sense of our wires and it's going to take the help of his supervisor (currently out sick) and about a day or SEVEN more to get cable installed!! grrrr….makasapot kaayo. and then of course, i have to deal with comcast's call center operators who take FOREVER (if ever) to answer the phone and are completely useless when it comes to answering my questions. hay naku. kung pinoy bitaw na, na. ma ulaw gyud ko.  šŸ˜¦

in other news, apple recently launched the macbook air, which is just about my idea of perfect—except for the lack of an optical drive which, given that we rarely use CDs or DVDs these days, is probably something i can live without.

excuse me while i go now and drool.

UPDATE: i now have cable! to boot, the guy installing it forgot to put a lock on the line (kay we only signed up for basic cable). when i pointed it out to his partner who remained behind after installation to help tune my TV, he said, "well, i'm not going to put the lock in, if that's fine with you." and since i have no scruples whatsoever, of course it's fine with me. heehee. this weekend, it'll be just me, my pringles, and that 4-movie "bring it on" marathon (hehe) they're airing. all together now: "I'm wanted. I'm hot. I'm everything you're not! I'm pretty. I'm cool. I dominate the school! Who am I? Just guess! Guys wanna touch my chest!"

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  1. The lack of an optical drive will not survive the ancestral practices in the Philippines though. hehe. I still love my 75 peso TV series DVDs. Too lazy to download everytime. I drool with you on the design and overall appearance of the macbook air. Can't wait for what Apple will come up with next. I'll just have to settle for my G4 until I can afford to buy the newest model. Good luck with your cable. Knowing your appetite for TV, I'm sure you're up to your last strand of patience. =P

  2. taman 4 na diay ang "bring it on"? taman ra intawon ko sa part 2 (katong kay hayden i think)…hehehe…btw, i began watching "pushing daisies" at the chinese youtube site (youku), thanks to your recommendation. nice au siya vids. tama jud ka na murag amelie ang style ek-ek and cinematography. šŸ™‚

  3. hey mae! yup, they actually made 4 bring it on movies. the first was the only one that made it to the cinemas though. the rest went straight to dvd, thank god, kay even i found them to be a little bit too shallow for me. hehe. ang first raman gyud tingali ang lingaw. glad you like pushing daisies! makes me go 'awww' every time. šŸ™‚

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