pinoy horror remake and a new obsession

as many of you could have predicted, the 'bring it on' marathon i had this weekend ultimately ended up a painful exercise in tolerance for the inanity that is the cheerleading dramedy. never again will i subject myself to following the woes of blond cheerleaders on film for more than six hours—even if i have a ton of reading to avoid. that said, i don't necessarily include the first 'bring it on' in the category just because it was actually good in a no-brainer, laugh out loud, cotton candy kind of way. plus, it had jesse bradford in it which, i would say, isn't a bad thing at all. in fact, after watching the first one, it got me curious about jesse's career and so i looked him up online and found out that he's actually doing a remake of the philippine horror movie, sigaw (anyone ever heard of this? how come i missed it?) called the echo which is directed by the original film's director, yam laranas, who was also my cinematography teacher in ateneo. which brings me, of course, to the point of this post that being i can now truthfully lay claim to being two degrees away from jesse bradford! woohoo! and quentin tarantino, of course. so mabaw, i know but then again, this is coming from someone who sat through the 'bring it on' movies three days in a row.

anyway, just to provide a visual to this post, here's a pic, stolen from some blog, of jesse bradford beside richard guiterrez who portrayed the character jesse's playing in the american remake.

similar much? not really. but it's always nice to see well-toned arms on a guy. or two, in this case.

now on to my new obsession. i've found a new show to watch. and since it's on its fourth season, i've been trying like crazy to catch up (did season 1 in a day). it's called wildfire and it's basically this drama of a girl released from a teen detention facility and gets a job working at a horse breeding ranch. the horse stuff i'm not too crazy about (though zara would probably think otherwise) but everything else is pretty good: there's the usual pretty but tough girl who's surprisingly not annoying in that joey potter kind of way, and then there's your requisite love triangle consisting of aforementioned pretty girl, the sensitive hunk whose family owns the ranch she works at and his rich, arrogant best friend who, let's face it, is the real obsession here.

i wanted to post a clip from the series here and though there were oh so many choices—from the shirtless phone call scene to the romantic declaration of voyeurism ("i don't just watch, i see"), i finally settled on this one because it's shows junior (hate the name, love the guy) being the typical bad boy who turns out to have a heart after all. short intro for this scene: this comes after kris (pretty girl) makes a deal with junior (bad boy) to buy her favorite horse, wildfire, in an upcoming auction to prevent wildfire being sold to bad horsemeat-selling people.  junior agrees on the condition that kris goes out on a date with him and afterwards, spends the night. pretty unscrupulous, i know.

wildfire clip

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8 thoughts on “pinoy horror remake and a new obsession

  1. -"rich, arrogant best friend"-"being the typical bad boy who turns out to have a heart after all"sounds like chuck bass if you ask me, hahaha!!!! obviously wa pa gyapon ko ka get-over {LOL}

  2. haaay. how gwapo! always stick with the bad boy with a heart. hahaha. not applicable in my case, though. i wonder when I will get to see this one. I'm waay behind you and Mae in Gossip Girl already. tsk tsk.
    Next time i go down to Cebu, I'll look for the DVD with Chi and buy a copy of Sigaw. is it out Vidz? hehe, sorry, tell your teacher I have to pirate for now. Uhm, is the Echo out na pud? oh well, cna't wait to hear more about the show.

  3. the echo's no yet out. imdb says its release date is in 2008 though so i guess we'll just have to wait. and basta ayaw lang pa autograph sa pirated nimo jing uy. haha. ma ulaw sab ka! still in season 2 of wildfire. excited ko kay magpakasal daw si junior sa season 4 (which is the one airing now). wala lang gi saba pa kinsa iyang pakaslan. si kris unta. kung dili gani, dili na gyud ko mo tan-aw. and i'm betting i'm not the only one. daghan krunior fans sa net. 🙂

  4. hahaha. of course not! i just really crave for good entertainment especially since I have nothing better to do every after office hours. haaay. mingaw, but relaxing at the same time. anyway, keep me posted on wildfire since I bet wala pa na niabot iyang DVDs diri.

  5. wala gyud tingali na siya jing. wala pa gani na complete ang felicity. ang new and super sikat halusa ang ilang ga pili-on. a friend of mine who has connections told me ga tan-awon nila ang mga top 10 grossing lists etc etc to identify unsa ipang-copy. hmph. dapat i-hire lang ko nila as consultant no. i'd find a way to get the people buying into watching some of the lesser watched (but really good) shows.

  6. Well, Sigaw was apparently, well-received by the critics at the international filmfests it played in. Either that or he took it to heart pag-ingon nako sa iya na wala siya'y pag-asa unless ma big time Hollywood player na siya. Hahahaha. As if! I'm lucky if he even remembers me as one of his students. Loser student kaayo ko sa iyang class uy.

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