Jerry O’Connell parodies Tom Cruise

Before I embed the video, I want to say that I do feel bad for Tom Cruise and I think it's pretty mean how people have just gone overboard making fun of him and his passion for Scientology. That said, Jerry O'Connell is absolutely hilarious in this video spoof of Tom Cruise. Makes me remember how much I liked him sa My Secret Identity (Sorry Ging. I know you loved him sa Sliders but somehow I never really managed to see more than a few episodes of that show).

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7 thoughts on “Jerry O’Connell parodies Tom Cruise

  1. Hi Vids, saw this video at Dlisted or Tmz ata, hehe. Needless to say, kuha kaayo ni Jerry ang "evil laugh" ni Thomas Mapother. Magbantay lang jud si Jerry kay Xenu or spirito ni L. Ron Hubbard {LOL}

  2. Hahaha. Good one! And yea, gi re-post siya'g daghan sites actually (I got the link to this one sa, which is one of the sites I frequent a lot) but originally sa siya gikan which is Will Ferrell and a friend's site.

  3. Hehe, gi bookmark nako nang funnyordie site. It's where I first saw those David Blaine spoofs. And of course, there's the small but terrible "landlord", Pearl, tehe…Will check Sounds interesting ang site name, hehe, mabaw ra jud kog kalipay. ^_^

  4. Out of touch na ko sa mga antics ni Tom Cruise Vidz. Mas funny tingali kung kakita ko sa mga particular interviews nga iyang gi-spoof. I-link Vidz bi kapoy search ^_^

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