In less than 24 hours…

LOST will return to make glorious what has, literally, been the winter of my discontent. And not a minute too soon, if you ask me.

Tonight, ABC aired the last two-part episode of the third season to get people psyched to see Season 4 (as if anyone needed encouragement). And watching it again made me realize how perfectly executed, how brilliant, that last episode really was. Aside from being really really good in all the technical aspects (pacing, acting, script etc), it's one of those episodes I have practically memorized in my mind. And considering how unreliable my memory is, that's no mean feat. In fact, aside from Through the Looking Glass 1 & 2, these are the only ones, so far, and in no particular order, that make the list of unforgettable TV episodes (spoilers ahead for those who don't watch the shows):

  • The episode in Alias which starts with Sydney being all kick-ass with a lecherous man in a plane. Flashback to a couple of hours earlier and we find out that the CIA is on the verge of bringing down SD-6 which they do, at the end of the episode as Syndey and Vaughn finally (finally!) kiss among the mess that was once the SD-6 office. –> This happened only midway through the season and was just a really great surprise since I wasn't expecting it at all. The action was great, the pacing was really fast and for the writers to give it away and not save it till the season finale, which would have been a perfectly acceptable thing to do, was a pretty smooth move.
  • The episode in Buffy which begins with Kendra getting killed, and where evil Angel (Angelus) opens the gates to hell; Willow performs her first major spell of witchcraft, thus, officially beginning her career as a witch; Buffy and Spike become allies and Buffy ends up killing Angel just as he gets his soul back. Afterward, Buffy leaves Sunnydale as Sarah McLachlan's 'Full of Grace' plays on scene. –> It's an incredibly heartbreaking episode and normally I avoid anything that's tragic (notice how I haven't posted anything about recent celebrity deaths) but the swordfight between Buffy and Angel, that amazing last scene between them and the "truce" with Spike just make this episode one to watch over and over again—which you can tell I did, of course.
  • The episode in the first season of Roswell where Max gets drunk and professes his love to Liz who's on a blind date; Kyle and Max compare notes on their Liz relationships and the episode ends with Max becoming sober and telling a disappointed Liz he doesn't remember anything that just happened as Maria sings "In the Air Tonight" in the background. –> It's far from being one of the best episodes ever written in the history of television but there's just something about a character so in love with a girl he risks his future just to save her, pushes her away to keep her safe and then finally, being able to, even for just one night, let all those feelings show. And then he takes it all back in the end. Ah…the mutability of our intentions…here one day, gone the next. We can only hope for other things to be more enduring.

And so Through the Looking Glass makes four. And the reason I love that episode so much is that, well, coming from a so-so season, you tend to keep your expectations low and then suddenly, out of nowhere, you have this amazingly brilliant (I know I already said brilliant but, really, there's no other word for it) two-part episode which just has everyone talking. That last line? Brilliant. That top 5 list one of the character makes? Should've been a cheesy narrative device. But, by god, it wasn't. It was one of the most sincere, absolutely heart-wrenching, reminds-me-of-why-I-like-this-show-so-much set of scenes I'd seen in a long time. While, of course, adding to the mystery that is LOST. And that death at the end of the episode? I don't even begrudge the writers for it. It's that good.

So anyway, sorry for going on and on. I realize I haven't written much in the past few days except for showbiz/TV news but, well, I can't seem to muster up the effort to write about other things, really. And I'd bore you to death with my 'shenanigans,' as I once put it to Mackie. Hope you're all doing well. I miss not being able to talk about my shows with you guys. Or talking to all of you, in general, over mojos at Shakey's or over some dessert we're all splitting at this expensive restaurant Ging talks us into eating at. Hopefully, we get to do that again. Sooner rather than later. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “In less than 24 hours…

  1. oops, i can't help it. i looked into wikipedia for some spoilers regarding lost's season 3 2-part last episode. honestly i stopped sa season 2 kay medyo na "lost" ko sa storyline/direction, hehehe…to think rodrigo santoro was in season 3, haha!!! anyway vids, i've also read sa uban articles na to look forward na jud daw ang season 4. i guess i have to watch season 3 pronto para maka catch up nako sa season 4. para dili ko ma "lost" na pud. {haha, corny i know!} 🙂

  2. ay. dapat gyud mae. medyo na ulit pud bitaw ko gamay sa sugod sa season 3 but when you get to the end, it'll all be worht it gyud. and i saw the first ep of season 4 na pud. exciting! they say another person's going to die after the fourth ep sa season 4. kinsa kaha ang sunod.

  3. pwede si kate?! hehe, samokan ko ngano dili siya maka decide between jack and sawyer. bitaw, i have a feeling na pag end sa lost series mismo, dili gyapon siya ka decide kinsa iyang gusto na guy, toinks!

  4. haha. well, season 3 did show her sort of making a decision. she just backtracks a little afterwards. but take a look at the first video in this article, turns out she does make a decision after all. and what a good decision it is too!

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