From the bad to the good

As much as I loved Star Wars and Back To The Future, I have to admit, Indiana Jones was the trilogy for me growing up. We had all three movies in Betamax and I'd watch those three over and over again, drooling in particular over the blink-and-you'd-miss-'em scenes with River Phoenix.

Here's hoping that the next installment in the series lives up to the anticipation!

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3 thoughts on “From the bad to the good

  1. hi vids, okay na, hehe, was able to access your blog na jud. :)anyway, i'm also looking forward to this movie. cate looks like suri or katie holmes-cruise (lol)

  2. glad you got in! katie holmes? hmm..medyo maldita raman iyang dating para ma katie holmes (not that dili maldita si katie; i'm sure she is. hahaha) but i was thinking more catherine zeta-jones in chicago.

  3. Lately it looks like Katie has been influenced by Posh Beckham's sartorial whims and cutting edge hairstyle. But if you're married to Tom Cruise, bawal siguro maging losyang, ehehe…, almost forgot about Catherine's Chicago look. Hindi na kasi siya nagpaparamdam…Or rather wa lang nako napansin iyang beauty. It's Posh's fault, haha joke!Still, count me in as one of the moviegoers who will watch Harrison, Cate, Shia et al in May. 🙂

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