thing i miss about the philippines #23

the guys who take care of you

i know I've said this before (every time after coming back from a foreign country) but there really is something to be said about the filipino men in our country. they take care of you. and not in that patronizing, chauvinistic sort of way—we have, after all, elected two female presidents (one of them twice) so it's hardly accurate to say women aren't given their fair due in this country. but rather, i've always found filipino guys to be a lot more well, chivalrous, than other men from different cultures. perhaps it's not fair to say that since i admittedly, i don't really have all that much experience with guys from other cultures but, really, i've always been so proud to say that guys in our country, they know how to treat women (most of them anyway and most of the time). and i miss that.


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