serena & sam?! holy cow!

i'm thinking crossover! 🙂 for other mind-boggling possibilities, click here.

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3 thoughts on “serena & sam?! holy cow!

  1. if i had voted, i would vote for serena and troy…both of them are pretty together, haha!!!anyway, poor dan…he should have realized that him+serena=boring, tsk tsk… chuck and blair forever, yeah!

  2. really? serena and troy ka? i'm afraid troy might be a little bit too LA for serena. hehehe. and bisan high school pa ang mga tao sa gossip girl, feeling pud nako they're way way older than the HS musical kids. must be all that underage drinking. hehehe. gusto nako M-A-N para kay serena. kanang alpha male. kay si dan medyo wimpy usahay. if not demon-hunting sam winchester, then football player tim riggins nalang. or future-savior-of-mankind john connor (except he can be a bit whiny at times).

  3. pretty+pretty=gay, that's why i prefer troy and serena, haha!!! bitaw, i'm glad the sam-serena pair got the highest number of votes. aside from being wimpy, too-good-to-be-true ra kaayo character ni dan. and yes, he's no alpha male (lol)

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