the sarah silverman/jimmy kimmel video war

sarah's video:

jimmy's revenge:

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3 thoughts on “the sarah silverman/jimmy kimmel video war

  1. i still find sarah's version funnier. after all, she was the first one who started this "f**king" video thingie, hehe. but i salute jimmy for being able to convince brad, harrison, josh, macy, joan, perry, don, dominic, cameron, meatloaf etc etc to appear in his "rebuttal" video.i wonder if there will be a third video (lol)

  2. yea, i'd have to agree with you that sarah's video is better, even though i kinda find her irritating and even though the cameos in jimmy's video were really cool–i mean, harrison ford playing gay! how hilarious is that?!

  3. si brad na lang unta tong kunwari gay partner ni harrison, haha!! still cute siya as the fex/fedex guy, haay…believe pud ko convincing powers ni jimmy for josh groban to sing the f-word…annoying lang jud si cameron, haha!!! 🙂

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