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it's a saturday night and i'm in my room doing schoolwork/blogging/watching the food network on TV. so, yeah, i still don't have a social life to speak of. but i did wake up early and stand in line for over an hour yesterday to buy tickets to the death cab for cutie concert in uc davis. so, come april 22, i will at least have something of a social life. or at least some life beyond school. 🙂

for those of you just as pathetic as me, or simply interested in all things entertainment, check out EW's "30 Under 30" actors and actresses to watch out for. why? because 1) i know you'll take any excuse to look at zac efron's lovely mug (i'm talking to you, mackieyo); 2) you get to find out that a movie called "beast of bataan" is coming out (can't wait to hear them butcher the pronunciation); and 3) as irritating as some of the actresses on the list may be (e.g. scarlett johansson, keira knightley, jessica biel), well…just check out the guys' list then.

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8 thoughts on “post #45

  1. will hayden be convincing as a lawyer in beast of bataan? uh-huh {lol}…i "heart" michael cera, paul d, joseph gordon l, gael, jason, lee, emile, seth (*shocked to learn that he was still 25, hehe*} and superbad jonah…as for the girls, i like natalie, ellen and kristen bell. i feel embarrassed to say this but i liked amanda bynes in "she's the man". however, "sydney white" was so horrible that i became doubly embarassed for even liking her in the first place despite the fact that she's annoying, haha!!! haller, jennifer hudson and miley cyrus?! actress diay sila? {barf!}

  2. i agree with everything you said mae. except add to the list of guys i heart james mcavoy and shia (please god let indiana jones be good) and hayden panettiere? please. much as i enjoy watching heroes, that girl needs acting lessons in subtlety. hopefully ma tabangan siya ni know if heath ledger hadn't died, he'd be probably be on this list. which would relegate um, channing tatum, to 31? and mackie to 32? haha. sorry macks. btw, i don't get your postscript.

  3. aww, wawa si channing. he was cute in she's the man and step up. however, he's just that — pretty {such a pity, hehe}…i'm okay with james kaso he's married {haha medyo big deal sa ako}. i used to like shia until i saw his mug shot {hopefully ma redeem sa indiana jones}…LOL on hayden…milo should "save" her!to mackie: lingaw ko sa imong gi post. like what vida mentioned, if heath hadn't died, ika number 32 na unta ka sa list, the way, i like david archuleta sa AI pero murag pro naman siya oi, dili patas ang laban…

  4. yeah, i know what you mean about shia's mug shot and james' wife but gi block na nako silang duha sa kong mind. haha. si channing tatum man gud, 'she's the man ra ang ma focus' kay "hit" (daw) that 'step up' was, i thought it was such a horrible movie. gi follow-up pa gyud ug part 2 na ang starring kay kadtong first bf ni amanda sa 'she's the man.' mae, add mackie sa imong neighborhood para ka kita ka sa iyang posts (read: pictures of himself). nag sige ko'g katawa sa iyang pic beside danny. LOL.

  5. about step up diay vids, i was forced to watch that movie kay walay lain pasalida sa limketkai mall that time and my colleagues wanted to be "distracted" from work problems..grabe, i think we were the only moviegoers aged above twenty, haha! i also read that there will be a step up 3 in 3D, ekk!hehe, yup, apil nako sa neighborhood ni mackie. hope he'll post more pics of himself, haha!

  6. step up 3 in 3D?!! que horror! i wouldn't even pay good money to see it in a regular theatre, much less 3D nga sinehan. and at least gi pugos ka sa imong colleage. ako gyud, i willingly entered that moviehouse with sasang and my cousin expecting to be entertained and sus ingon ana raman diay. wala man lang shirtless scene to compensate for the cheesy script. hmph.

  7. what's worse than step up 2? step up 3 in 3D, yikes!!! grabe, i never thought cash cow siya, hehe…LOL on the no shirtless scene. naa siguro "partial nudity" clause sa contract ni channing {yeah right,as if, haha!}

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