I am currently digging Rescue Chef Danny Boome.

What can I say? The guy's gorgeous (former model, thank you very much), brilliant (knows his way around a kitchen and plays pro hockey) and, dare I mention, British. Of course, Anthony Bourdain would probably hate him as he scorns "the current crop of talentless, cabbage patch kids, bobbleheads and dimwits on the Food Network." But then again, Bourdain has been known to change his mind about Emeril Lagasse and Oprah's favorite chef Jamie Oliver (though not about her other favorite Rachel Ray). And anyway, Tony, you're married so until you leave your wife for me, I'm afraid Danny will have to do.

Just kidding, of course.

When it comes to celebrity chefs, Anthony Bourdain will always be my idol (if you omit the 'famous' part, Lola would have to be #1). Bourdain is irreverent, clever with words, talented as all hell and one of those rare people who truly understands good food. Unlike so many health conscious, fusion-loving pretentious cooks out there, Bourdain firmly decries vegetarianism, eschews crusty formal dining and criticizes Americans abroad who refuse to eat local cuisine. He once said that wealth is the enemy of good eating because it's the poorest nations that produce the best food. And isn't that so true?

For other people, of course, music is the food of love (Haha. See what I did with that transition?), so here's a clip of my sister, Leslie, who does the solo for Kay Tagal in this Ateneo Glee Club performance at the UP church. The audio quality of the video's not so great and my sister would probably be upset that I'm posting it but, you see, Les, you don't visit this blog, ergo, I get to embarrass you all I want.     

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8 thoughts on “Idols

  1. stage ate!!! just kidding vids! seriously that was so sweet of you. still hope your sister will be able to read this post, hehe. :)anyway, i like bourdain. cool and good-looking for his age. i'm not familiar with danny though but thanks to you, i discovered that there's another good-looking chef out there {lol}and can i just let this out? i'm not fond of rachel ray {annoying and insincere!}…team nigella lawson!

  2. i used to like rachel ray when i didn't get to see her show that often. but now that she's on the food network practically everyday, she starting to get annoying. and yeah, gwapo pa si bourdain. medyo bad boy pa gyud (type nimo). i don't get to see nigella lawson that often but at least she's pretty (and british just like jamie and danny). haha. mabaw kaayo ko.

  3. sila anthony, jamie and nigella ra man gud gina feature sa discovery travel & living asia. i think ngadto sa lifestyle network channel gina pakita si danny since one time i saw rachel ray there, hehe. lagi, pretty kaayo si nigella. super-rich pa gyud ang husband. haha, maybe you can have it all, in nigella's case that is.

  4. nganhi man gud sa US, wala'y discovery travel ug living asia sa cable. not mine at least. but i'm not complaining kay i'm getting more than i'm paying for. literally. haha. and yeah, nice na super rich iyang husband. super gwapo lang pud unta. though he's not ugly man sad. tigulang lang.

  5. sabagay ang wealth sa hubby ni nigella kay naka add ug 1 million pogi points so okay lang (lol)…haay suya ko sa cable nimo dira US vids, hehe…

  6. LOL. Kita na ko sa iyang mga videos Macks. Over man kaayo siya! TMTH! Nagkatawa ko when he acknowledged na he could be exhausting pud kay that was exactly what I was thinking. That and wala pud ba siya gikapoy ug sturya. Kay gikapoy ko'g pamati niya uy. Nabantayan pud niya si David Hernandez bumping and grinding sa last Tainted Love na performance ni Danny. Wahahaha. He called Ramiele short and dumpy and a tranny too! Hahaha. Anyone who can do Christian Siriano-speak so well, I like. Fierce!

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