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took another picture of my classmates, this time for my cognition class:

it's still the usual suspects, with professor berger, the one with glasses, and colin, the guy in the middle, smirking (haha). professor berger's also the chair of the department and practically an institution in communication research; if you read the literature, you really won't be able to go much farther without coming across his name. he's that famous. and a pretty good teacher too; interesting. though he will go off tangent at times (okay, a lot) but you can't ever say it's boring or not enlightening to talk to him. colin, on the other hand, made the class so much more fun. mostly because he'd really be the one to start off the discussion (translation: medyo tabi-an). he's not from our major—linguistics grad student siya in his second year—but he puts us all to shame with his grasp of a subject that's, really, supposed to be in our field of expertise (at least in the future). he speaks five languages: french, german, english, spanish and malagasi and you can tell he's pretty smart when he shares insights from this or that book or movie (never in a pretentious manner though).   

anyway, just wanted to share this pic. funny kay the board still has the same squiggles and orthogonal equation from last time. pa claro lang wala gyud ga limpyo sa among room. haha.

p.s. hey macks, kristin from e! blogged about dominic monaghan's photo exhibit in west hollywood. and i thought you may want to drop by (the way she reported it murag open to the public man siya). they post some of his pics on the site and they're pretty good actually and some of the models are, you know, famous. :)  it's on this friday till march 27 at the hamilton-selway fine art gallery, if you know where that is. if i were there (and truly pathetic), i'd hang out every day with that LOTR book you bought me in the hopes na ma pa autograph nako ang hobbits sa ilang pic. *sigh* i guess i'll have to stalk them another time.

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