Forgot to post this earlier but in case you hadn't yet heard, Powerbooks now has an online ordering site. Medyo mahal lang ilang shipping charges. You could buy one more book for what they charge. But at the very least, the site does make checking the availability of books much easier. πŸ™‚

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9 thoughts on “powerbooks

  1. though i have my kuya in manila to buy me books that are not available here in cagayan, i have to say nice ug service ang powerbooks. while i was in manila one time for a meeting, the book i was looking for kay nahutdan ang powerbooks megamall branch ug paperback version so i wrote my name sa ilang reservation list. after a month or so, i was surprised that they texted me na available na daw ang paperback. wala lang, i feel it's the little things that count sa customer service. {dapat bayaran ta sa powerbooks in kind vids kay grabe atong pag recommend nila, haha}

  2. Haha. Yeah, exactly. I have friends who work with them man gud (sila ga organize sa book club nila–kung first time member gani na naay Powercard kay free ang book). I liked Fully Booked too kay daghan titles wala sa Powerbooks AND they brought Neil Gaiman to the Philippines. πŸ™‚ Ingon ko sa akong friends dapat naa pud sila pambato ni Gaiman. So far, they've only come up with David Sedaris but I missed him that time kay I was in Singapore. I-suggest nako na si Bourdain ilang sunod paningkamutun ug kuha. Uli gyud ko. Hehe

  3. waaah, sa 2 visits ni neil diri kay wala jud na-timing ang meeting namo sa manila, huhuhu…{lucky jud mo ni jaycee, hehe}pati pud kay david, i read the article about his visit sa newspaper. nalingaw ko 'cause he ate at jollibee and watched wowowee live. sooo david kaayo, haha!the only fully booked store i visited was the rockwell branch many years ago. i will surely go to their biggest branch at bonifacio high street when i visit manila this june or july. bongga man daw ang fully booked kay naa daw starbucks inside, though it wouldn't matter to me 'cause i don't drink coffee, hehe…vids, please beg your friends to have bourdain visit our country. PLEASE…haha!!!

  4. Haha. I'll do my best Mae. Naay contest karon ang travel channel actually sa fanatic na magpadala ug video kay Bourdain to be the next person to accompany him sa iyang Cook's tour. Apil unta ko kaso lang (as with many thingss), open to US legal residents lang siya. Hmph. This Filipino guy posted his video on YouTube though: http://youtube.com/watch?v=62gKNN1B_u4. Bourdain's never been to the Philippines yet. I think.

  5. I will not support Augusto's quest to be Bourdain's companion 'cause he "made fun" of Andrew Zimmer (Hehe, babaw ayo noh! Saw that Bizarre Foods episode man gud and it looked like nag enjoy si Andrew sa Philippines)…Sayanga Vids oi, strong contender na unta ka, nax. Why did they ever came up with that US legal residency rule, hmph gyud!i think you saw this na but Bourdain have tasted balut. Pero in Vietnam, ayay!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXucin9iIaE&NR=1

  6. Yup, kita na ko sa video of him eating balut. I understand ngano wala siya nag-enjoy but it's nice na he didn't make it out to be such a big deal (haven't seen the Zimmer ep but my sister did and nalingaw daw siya). Di pud ko mo vote ni Augusto tungod lang kay gaka-ulit ko sa iyang accent. Hehe. Mas mabaw pa diay ko nimo. But honestly, I find Filipinos with Americans accent here (whether contrived or natural) to be so irritating. And Filipino-Americans? Na, don't even get me started. Some of them are okay but naay uban na feeling "let's support our homeland" and "I come from a rich and diverse culture" etc etc and um, excuse, once or twice ra sila ka bisita sa Pinas no and dili entirely accurate ilang descriptions no. It's all very well to support the homeland and appreciate Philippine culture from afar pero…hay, never mind kay I could go on and on. Suffice it to say na dapat guide ni Bourdain kay native Pinoy gyud na nagdako sa Pinas, has been eating and cooking these dishes for years and doesn't just see these meals as some exotic showcase to be presented to every visiting guest (though it is that too) but also understands how they reflect the inventiveness of Philippine culture and our indomitable love for food even amidst poverty. Haha. Bitter much no? But I suspect they came up with that US residency rule to make things easier for them to arrange the papers, VISAs, and what not. Oh well, whoever they pick, I do hope Bourdain still gets to visit the Philippines. He's already besotted with Asia so I think he'd enjoy our country too —provided lingaw iyang guide.

  7. LOL on Augusto's accented English. Di pud siya nice looking noh! I'm sure mangita ang Discovery ug telegenic person, haha! Unta mag try si Marc Nelson (though he's not Pinoy, hehe) or his Amazing Race Asia 2 partner, Rovilson Fernandez. Though more on sports man ilang hilig, dili food. I doubt fans sila ni Tony…Okay ba na si Carlos Celdran Vids? Nice man daw na iyang Intramuros/Manila tour 'cause he's witty & lingaw daw. At least tubong Pinoy siya. Ang downside lang siguro kay murag Manila ra siya mag focus. There's also this guy, I forgot his name pero Binondo iyang focus tapos he visits the different restos. Gali lang limited to Chinese cuisine.I do hope maka adto si Tony sa Philippines. Ni adto man gani siya ug Vietnam, diri pa kaha sa ato na daghan kaayo influences ang food.By the way, as for Zimmer, nalingaw ko kay okay ra sa iya ang balut. In fact he ate two pieces, hehe. He even ate those fried day-old chicks in orange batter and pandesal with dirty ice cream as palaman. The only food he didn't like was "tutong", a snail variety. Kung nalingaw si Zimmer sa 'Pinas, pati pud na si Tony for sure. Or maski dili siya mag shoot for No Reservations diri, mag book tour na lang, haha!

  8. I don't know a lot about Carlos Celdran but he does seem intelligent enough to do the job well. Murag ka balo lagi ko aning guy na imong pasabot na Chinese cuisine ang hilig. I don't know his name either but mao ni siya tong gwapo na naay show sa una sa Studio 23? Crush to siya namo sa akong sister. Sad bitaw na they mostly likely will look for semi-good looking people to be in the show (sorry O-goos-to!). Daghan unta ko friends ma-recommend. As in, malingaw ko nila kay wherever I go, daghan gyud sila'g ma recommend na good places to eat at. Then again, apil pud ko anang gusto makakita ug good looking people sa TV. Hahaha.

  9. I'm not sure if katong cute guy na naay show sa Studio 23 ang mao gyapon ga tour guide sa Binondo, hehe, nalipat jud ko.Anyway, amen to that: Gusto makakita ug good-looking people sa TV, lol!!!

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