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so i got suckered into one of those abc family movie marathon weekends again. and while i managed to steer clear of those blond cheerleaders who wasted some ten hours of my life last time, this time i couldn't resist the temptation to watch the figure skating guys and gals of, you guessed it, the cutting edge trilogy. and really, would you have been able to NOT do the same? okay, don't answer that. perhaps you would have avoided the temptation and plunged ahead to do the two term papers you have due next week. but the first movie, really, who can complain about that one? even now, more than ten years after, i still maintain that it's one of the best romantic-comedies i've ever seen. but the straight-to-video sequels? let's just say unoriginal plot devices + so-so choreography + unremarkable musical scoring equals…well, movies that are still n times better than those bring it on sequels i somehow managed to sit through. ugh. at least in the cutting edge sequels you get to find out that kate mosley and doug dorsey did win that olympic gold medal (duh), did get married and did have a daughter (played in the second movie by christy carlson romano who's actually not a bad actress; she voices kim possible too so i could possibly be a bit biased there). then, of course, you have these drop dead gorgeous guys who have abs of steel and are surprisingly adept at maintaining their masculinity even while donning satiny costumes and waving their arms in the air like a couple of ballerinas (no offense to my ballet-dancing readers).

despite this, however, it's still sad to see a good movie being parceled out into tv sequels that are so obviously a cut below the original. i understand they have to make do with a lower budget but, really, it kind of makes you appreciate even more the tv movies out there that are actually good, like, say, the ones produced by HBO (exceptions to the rule, i know) or arabian nights with mili avital and dougray scott or even (and i know clarie will totally disagree with this), high school musical with zac efron. anyway, what was the point of this post again? not much really. just the sad sad state of tv movie sequels and my apparent inability to stay away from them, despite pending deadlines–or rather, because of pending deadlines. haha. now that i've made that pretty obvious, guess i better get back to work.

have a good week people! and don't procrastinate! (at least not with cheerleaders).

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8 thoughts on “tv sequels

  1. I love Cutting Edge 1! Toepiiiiiiiiiiiiicccckkkkkkkk!!! Moira Kelly was one of my childhood idols and I even remembered this nasty rumor that she died (which I almost believed in, haha). I knew I was over my Moira fascination when it's not enough to make me watch One Tree Hill.I never expected that there would be a Cutting Edge trilogy. Guess I'll wait for HBO or Cinemax to show it here, like what they did with Bring It On 2. {lol}"it's still sad to see a good movie being parceled out into tv sequels that are so obviously a cut below the original." — Hear that Disney?! Yet I'm still a kid at heart who's suckered into watching these Disney sequels, haha!

  2. I remember that stupid rumor. It came shortly after she did the voice for Nala in the Lion King. Na ulit kaayo ko when I found out it was some "experiment" they were conducting on rumors. WTF. They did the same thing to Christian Slater too, didn't they? And I know what you mean about OTH. I've seen a few episodes here and there but blah. As far as teen love lives go, The O.C. nalang ko. And of course, Veronica Mars and Gossip Girl. Speaking of VM, did you hear na Rob Thomas has been asked to develop an update of 90210? Murag pangbato sa Gossip Girls. Haha. I hope nindut.

  3. Na rumor pud apil kato si Tender Juicy chubby "Goodbye Carlo" girl na namatay pud. Grabe, di pa man pud gud uso kaayo ang internet sa atong time so dili ra dayun ma verify, hehe. But that was such a sick experiment ha, we've been had, syet!!!Yup, I heard about that 90210 update. Pathetic kaayo si Tori Spelling coz nagparinig siya na interested daw siya ma apil if ever. Heller, update, dili outdated ilang pasabot, LOL!

  4. Hahaha. I know exactly what you mean! If ever naa'y 90210 alum mag guest appearance si Brian Austin Green nalang no. Na redeem gyud si BAG in my eyes kay he totally made The Sarah Connor Chronicles a lot more interesting. Who knew David Silver could actually act?

  5. Maybe time does improve things and that includes BAG's acting, hehe. Speaking of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I still have to watch that. I know it's impossible but it would be a blast if (high school crush) Edward Furlong makes an appearance, haha!

  6. OMG. Super crush kaayo nako si Edward sa high school Mae. I even requested his tape from my kringle sa Xmas (ew) pero tape ni Joey Lawrence gi hatag. Hahaha. Pangit naman siya'g nawong ron uy. Drugs man gud. Tsk. Tsk. ButI do wish they'd chosen another actor for John Connor. I mean he's not bad bad, but medyo pretty boy ra kaayo siya'g dating with his long lashes and medyo blah pud iyang acting. Weakest link gyud siya sa show. Si BAG dayun akong favorite. Haha. Never thought I'd ever say that of BAG.

  7. Ay oo noh, naa man diay to band si Edward, hehe! Lagi, he's not as attractive as before. Methface, waaahhh!!! I can't help but LOL at the Joey Lawrence tape. Hope it was not JC who gave you that tape or I'll endlessly tease her about it, haha!At least na redeem ni Brian iyang acting cred. He was overshadowed in 90210 man gud by Luke and Jason, though the latter guys were lousy actors. Daghan pud daw jealous sa iya ron Vids kay diba gf niya si Megan Fox. Lucky guy daw au siya, haha!

  8. No, it wasn't JC. Haha. It was Kweeny Emborgo. Not sure if you know her. Bitaw, swerte si BAG naka-land ni Megan Fox. Although crush raba nako to si Jason Priestley (Good boys man gud to akong type sa una. Hehe), I'm glad na medyo ni sikat pud ron si BAG. Mabuhay ang mga underdog!

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