so many things to do…

so many ways to procrastinate. and so, even though it's exam week over here , i just had to take some of these TV quizzes:

sawyer –> when did i start going for the bad boys? i was really, really, hoping i'd get dean winchester for my ideal TV boyfriend so i re-took the test and got peter petrelli instead. he's not bad, i guess. but if it's between peter and sawyer, i think i'm going to go with sawyer because, yeah, like, i really want to get between peter and nathan…hmm…or maybe i do? haha. just kidding. 

blair –> yay! sooo glad i'm not jenny humphrey.

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3 thoughts on “so many things to do…

  1. My ideal TV boyfriend is Peter Petrelli, bullseye, hehe!!! But I re-took the Gossip Girl character test 'cause I'm Dan Humphrey, waaah!!! Now I'm supposedly Serena van der Woodsen…which is still better than being Jenny Humphrey, haha!

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