walk like a ferocia coutura

not as funny as the christian siriano fiercest moments video mae also put up in her site but still pretty ferosh. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “walk like a ferocia coutura

  1. hi vids! weird lagi, this particular blog entry just popped out now, hehe. i always check your blog everyday man gud and i was quite surprised march 20 pa ni nimo na post.anyway, i can't get enough of christian. LOLed on tim's walk, he's so game, hehe! he "made it work" (haha, bad pun!).some people are saying to bury the overused "fierce" word already but to hell with that. christian has the right to use the words fierce/ferosh/ferociacoutura/hotmess/tranny whenever and wherever he deems it applicable. Haha!

  2. naka-date diay siya'g march 20? hmm..that's probably because i did write the post mga march 20, dayun i saw the ep sa "make me a supermodel" with christian and i wanted to put them up together so wala sa nako gi-public ang post until nakuha nako tong second vid. that's probably why. wala pud ko gi sumhan ni christian. so he can say the word "fierce" all he wants and malingaw gihapon ko niya. diba tyra banks used to say that word pud sa ANTM? wala lang, medyo OA kung siya mo ingon pero kang christian kay sige ko'g katawa. LOL. oh for a gay BFF!

  3. hi vids, yup, march 20 "naka-date" imong blog entry. anyway, agree jud ko na OA si tyra when it comes to the word "fierce". mga gay people ra jud bagay mugamit sa word, haha! diba when tyra's ANTM minions jay manuel and j. alexander uses the word "fierce", okay ra man paminawon, they can pull it off.i hope mag reunion ang tanan project runway cast members since season 1 who are gay and then they'll have a "fierce" walk-off, as well as who can come up with the most number of "ferosh" expressions/one-liners, haha!

  4. hahaha. agreed! though pila ra tingali akong mailhan kung reunion show sila na ingon ana. kay murag 2 season raman tingali akong na follow gyud sa project runway. but kung naa si christian, of course manan-aw ko. 🙂

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