hey guys. i know i haven't been keeping you updated lately and i suspect that's partly because the spring break vacation brought out all my slothful tendencies, partly because procrastination really is my motivation to filling up this blog, and finally, partly because, well (surprise surprise) i've had something of a social life lately. the last one sounds nearly impossible, i know, but this past week, i found myself going out every day for dinner with various friends in davis. and oh wow, eating out every night in the states (and okay, going shopping for shoes and books) can be pretty expensive. so no more social life for me. at least not for a while anyway. or none of the shopping spree/eat-all-you-can/KKB variety. my last night out (which was yesterday) was probably the most fun precisely because i didn't have to pay for dinner; it was sponsored by our department who'd invited some graduate students for the incoming school year and asked us to show them around. in return, they gave us a free lunch and paid for our dinner at this swanky restaurant. since there were only 8 of us who went, we had enough money for dinner to pay for starters, steak entrees and dessert. 🙂 i have to say, even though having such a small department sucks for the most part, there are times when it's not so bad at all.

anyway, i don't have anything exciting to write about really. the quarter just started and in addition to the comm classes i'm taking, i have an elective too. it was supposed to be spanish pronunciation which sounded too easy to be true and ended up being exactly that. turns out, the class wasn't so much about losing accents but about intonation and regional variances in the language and other complicated things which needed a prerequisite linguistic class, which, of course, i hadn't taken. so i ended up dropping the class. i've since switched my elective to medieval literature which was the only class left that fit my schedule, had an opening, and seemed vaguely interesting. of course, medieval lit class turns out to have a course reader of 500+ pages, four required books and a ton of assignments involved. but hey, who's complaining?

so that's about it. as i told ging during our last skype conference, you really haven't missed out on much. in fact, you guys probably have much more interesting stories to tell. for example, zar, tell me about your surfing weekend. and ging, how's the break going? unsa pa nga no brainers imong nakita? macks, i know YOU have a social life. balita sad dayun (bisan pics nalang). yang! i got your note sa friendster. miss you pud! musta naman ka? sang, wala gyud ta ka chat da. did you get my note about the drive me crazy dvd? chi, i love your pic! gwapa kaayo ka uy. dapat dili ka ma ulaw na gibutang online no. jing, bisan dili ta ga sturya, it's so nice to see you online when i log on sa YM.  hope wala ka na sobrahan ug trabaho. chris, even though you probably won't read this, i'm holding you to your promise to visit. bring jen with you and let's see if we can't make some money in the casinos. as you can tell, i'm starved for news. so email, chat, post, comment or even call. i'd love to hear from you. 🙂

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