9 Days To Go

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4 thoughts on “9 Days To Go

  1. Hi Vids! I'm so excited, whoopee!!! I just have a stupid question though. What's the 'time zone' equivalent here in the Philippines when Gossip Girl resumes in the U.S.? Hehe, sensya na, I don't know what time zone the CW observes, whether the East or West Coast. So come Tuesday (April 22) here in our homeland, I'll be ready to download the episode thru torrent. Sayang ang offer sa CW network for the viewers to be able to watch the episodes at their site for free 'cause out of coverage man ang 'Pinas.Thanks Vids! Hope you can help me with my shallow-but-it-really-means-a-lot-to-me dilemma. *LOL*

  2. That's a tricky question. Technically, the stations don't observe a particular time zone. I mean, they play the show at a set time and whatever time that happens to fall into depending on your time zone, that's what it is. I don't know if that makes sense but anyway, here's how I understand it. GG is scheduled at 8/7 central right? If I remember correctly, the East coast is a couple of hours ahead of the West coast (Macks, correct me if I'm wrong) and I think pud it airs 8 p.m. here sa CA. So, you can take that 8 p.m. in California (right now, we're on DST though so you'll have to factor that in–na technically 8 p.m. here is actually still 7 p.m.), convert it to Philippine time, wait an hour for the episode to finish, wait maybe another hour or two for the US uploader to edit out all the ads, convert it to .avi format and put up the torrent. And then, of course, kung gamay pa ug seeds, downloading's going to take a while. So, I don't know if it'll be worth all that trouble to immediately download it the same day. I usually just wait the next day (since it airs here Monday which is your Tuesday, that would be Wednesday) para paspas mahuman ang download. And lagi, it sucks that you can't watch it sa official site. Though the quality's not that good either. And sometimes they have those ads in between. Not to mention, dapat nindut imong connection.

  3. Yikes, so Wednesday it is then, waaahhh!!! Bitaw Vids, post dayun imong review sa episode ha? I'm okay ra jud with spoilers, haha! I have this 'reputation' with my friends na flip daw ko 'cause I have no qualms with knowing what's the ending. Like some books for example, I immediately flip to the last pages to know who died or who ended up with whom. Or even with GG's episode 13, I knew beforehand what happened 'cause a friend shared to me all the details. I don't know what's wrong with me pero I'm cool with things like that. Weirdo jud, haha!Anyway, thanks Vids! 🙂

  4. No problem Mae. Sige, I'll see what I can do but doubtful pud nga ma tan-aw nako sa Monday mismo. Haha. Sa ka busy nako these days, I have shows stored in my DVR pa waiting to be watched. Mapuno na gyud to siya soon… 😦

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