5 Days To Go

So it looks like I've unwittingly set myself up to posting GG items for the countdown. Not sure if I can keep it up. But for today, at least, here are four sneak peak clips from the episode coming up. Nothing exciting so far but I still wouldn't click, if you really really hate spoilers.

Nate and Jenny. Riveting conversation this is not.

Dan and Serena doing their usual boring thing. Chuck, thankfully, interrupts.

To family. And more of Chuck Bass!

Serena, Blair, and (ugh) Jenny

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4 thoughts on “5 Days To Go

  1. I love spoilers! I'm surprised at Nate though, acting brotherly towards Jenny. And how in the hell can she afford those clothes? *lol*I wonder what Chuck's up to. I hope it ruins S and D's relationship temporarily, haha, their coupling is too good to be true.Awww poor B. I want the b*tchy Blair back. Though someone from the NY Post wrote that Georgina will be nastier than Blair. Nicole Fiscella is really lousy, or rather uncharismatic. It's her chance to shine unta as a "sidekick" when Nan left the show but the new girl (the one in red coat) has more "dating".Blake really looked like nga way ligo. I can't believe she agreed to it, thinking it made her character funny or down-to-earth kuno. Well, the joke's on her. Lamang na jud si Leighton niya in terms of beauty pa lang. Haha, team Leighton all the way!

  2. Haha. Thanks for the link Mae! I actually hate spoilers but I find I can tolerate them if they're not of consequence—or if they're bad news in advance. Hahaha. I don't even know why they even bothered to mention Nicole Fiscella and Nan Zhang (sa unsa) sa cast. It's not like anyone was ever wondering about them. Honestly, wala gyud ni sa akong head to wonder if they'd be back this April. And pag-announce that Nan was leaving, I was like, uh, okay. Who cares? Hehe. Mura raman man sila'g extra uy. To add to the ''diversity' of the cast para dili ingnon na white people lang pwede maging rich.

  3. Hehe. Mura raman man sila'g extra uy. To add to the ''diversity' of the
    cast para dili ingnon na white people lang pwede maging richDili gyapon PC ang GG 'cause with Jenny's new gang, it looked like white girl gyapon ang queen, nyek! And dili man sa unsa ha but they could have chosen prettier Asian and African-American actresses. I don't find Nicole and Nan (or even the one who replaced her as the token Asian sa show) pretty man gud, hmmph! Haha, affected kaayo!

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