it's been a little bit crazy lately and i haven't really gotten the time to dawdle too much on the net (haha) so apologies all around for neglecting this blog. anyway, quick updates on what i've been up to lately.

let's see, last
saturday was uc davis' picnic day. i initially wasn't going to venture out because, 1) i'm antisocial, as mackie very well knows and 2) the amount of readings we have to read each week is ridiculous enough to keep someone at home. even on a saturday. but of course, temptation prevailed. and for once, i'm kinda glad i did. picnic day in uc davis is sort of like their foundation day celebration, complete with parade, international food fair (lumpia anyone?), exhibits (the food tech department held an awesome food exhibit in their beer brewery which featured free ice cream and wacky cartoon germs singing 'you better wash your hands' to the tune of the beatles' 'i wanna hold your hand.' ridiculously hilarious), and a bunch of other not-to-be-missed opportunities like tie-dying shirts (!) and milking goats and cows (i kid you not people–as you can see from the picture on the right). and before you ask

, no, i didn't milk the  goat, partly because by the time i got to the petting zoo section the poor goat was all out of milk but mostly because i was too busy getting recipe books signed by martin yan, that guy who hosted that show "yan can cook" which aired on RPN 9 some years ago (if you remember that show, he used to make roses out of beets and swans out of turnips). turns out, martin yan graduated from uc davis long long ago and agreed to come back for picnic day this year. before the book signing, he even held a food demonstration i attended. didn't get to be his assistant volunteer (not that i raised my hand) but i did get a sample of his stir-fry. yum. i also took a picture with my camera phone but couldn't upload it since i'm not sure how to get pics from my camera to here (do i just email it? do i need a connector thingy? i've yet to figure it out).

UPDATE: here's one of the pics i had taken with martin yan. i finally just decided to email the thing to myself.

in comparison to saturday, sunday was pretty boring and spent mostly catching up on all the reading i neglected the day before. ugh. i did get to procrastinate a little bit, however, by checking my mail and finding a letter from brian gorrell, who was asking for advice on which t-shirt company to sign up with for selling those team brian designs people have been coming up with. why's he emailing me, of all people? well, my sister's company was initially going to print brian's shirts for him but between my first email to brian and his latest email to me, my sister's been inundated with more clients than they can keep up with so they decided to refer brian to other t-shirt sites instead. he was really nice about it and even though i still don't know what exactly went on with him and that skeevy looking dj montano, well, i'm siding with brian on this one because, as clarie pointed out, brian uses a mac. haha.

monday wasn't too interesting either (aside from watching gossip girl and HIMYM, of course). so let's skip that.

tuesday was fun because i finally got to go to that death cab for cutie concert i bought tickets to a long time ago. the band was great! they played all my favorite songs of theirs (except for 'a lack of color') and even played a whopping 5 songs for their encore. ate freya brought a camera and took a couple of pics and videos but i haven't gotten them yet  so sorry no uploads for now. but a couple people did take videos (abtik kaayo sila mo upload sa youtube) and here's one of them:

death cab for cutie – i will follow you into the dark

and no. i'm not one of those dorky people singing along to the music and ruining the moment.

watching the death cab for cutie concert of course meant that i missed american idol this week but a visit to my
favorite place for recaps
quickly got me updated. love that andrew lloyd webber. he's so delightfully british and certainly more interesting than all the other mentors (i.e. mariah and dolly) who had nothing but nice things to say to the contestants. not that webber was mean but he wasn't all i love you! and you're wonderful! either.

oops. i just checked that clock and it's almost 3 a.m. over here. didn't get to finish the rest of the update but the rest of it's pretty boring anyway. keep me updated on your lives too. diba summer na diha? dapat daghan na mo'g chikka.

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5 thoughts on “updates

  1. and
    even though i still don't know what exactly went on with him and that
    skeevy looking dj montano, well, i'm siding with brian on this one
    because, as clarie pointed out, brian uses a mac. haha.not to mention cute! i was with 2 gay friends and one girl (who's fluent with the gay lingo, owing to her extensive beauty pageant experience in her younger days, hehe!) two weekends ago and we checked brian's site. (on our girl friend's macbook i may add, haha). all of us were kilig with brian's cuteness but the four of us disagreed on DJ. Yours truly and one of the gay dudes don't find him attractive, hehe.i also get to hear brian sometimes over the radio since killer bee CDO broadcasts the mo twister show everyday. (i think it's their arrangement with their mother company, magic fm in manila). haaay, since nawala ang NU107 diri, it's back to killer bee for me. i find it unfair though that NU107 is still airing in davao, cebu and iloilo. hmph! i can't also get NU's radio streaming over the internet. (paging quark henares, haha, joke!)

  2. i also took a picture with my camera phone but couldn't upload it since
    i'm not sure how to get pics from my camera to here (do i just email
    it? do i need a connector thingy? i've yet to figure it out).ay vids, i was about to tell you how if your phone's a nokia but i remembered the experience of my girl friend (the one i mentioned previously). 'cause with nokia, you have to download the "nokia pc suite" program first into your computer before you can plug in the connector thingy and transfer your photo files. unfortunately daw, mac doesn't recognize or is not compatible ata with the nokia program.but then again, my friend bought her mac for vain reasons, ehe. she admitted that she still has a lot to learn and discover regarding her mac's capabilities.i've tried transferring photos from my cellphone to a palmtop (O2 XDA II) via infrared and bluetooth vids. i think it will work in your case. try lang daw, hehe.

  3. i missed american idol this week i don't like the result, waaah! who's your pambato vids? :)i love david a. i felt that if i were to have a younger brother, it would be david a. feeling sisterly (or even motherly) jud ko niya, haha!he's one of the few guys i can stand who's into ballads though i'm hoping he won't be a clay aiken in the making. i have nothing against gays ha but david a. is my fantasy "manghod" lang jud.

  4. Kinsa akong pambatao? Hmm…let's see. I used to root for Michael Johns kay he had the gorgeous Aussie accent and I knew unlikely kaayo na mo daug siya–classic underdog/cutie appeal. But since he got booted off the show, I don't know. David A. pud tingali ko except I didn't like his "Think of You" version this week. Pang-Disney ra kaayo ug dating. Hehe. Surprisingly, I liked David Cook's "Music of the Night." I generally agree with Simon na medyo smug ra siya'g dating. But his take on Phantom was a nice surprise. Especially since he could've easily rocked it up, considering diba ang original Phantom unta was going to be that rock singer whats-his-name. Anyway, we'll see. For now, I'm still rooting for David A. 🙂

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