Official Indiana Jones Widget

USA Network had an Indiana Jones trilogy marathon yesterday and today and of course I stayed in to watch. What else was I going to do? Study? Okay, well, there's that too.

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2 thoughts on “Official Indiana Jones Widget

  1. i do hope it's not going to be the next speed racer in terms of box-office success. though i haven't watched SR, lousy daw ang movie according to the reviews. but i will still watch it. luoy ko ni emile, hehe.

  2. lagi. i hope so. though i heard dili man sad that bad ang sales. just in comparison to iron man which did (is still doing) extremely well. not that i've seen either speed racer or iron man. ironic kaayo na when i'm studying media effects, mao na nuon wala koy time to watch media. hmph.

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