Fringe & alllooksame?

Since I posted a preview for Dollhouse, I thought it only fair to do the same for J.J. Abrams' new series that debuts this fall. They're keeping it top secret as usual, so I don't have much plot details for the show but from the preview, it looks like an X-Files meets Alias meets LOST type of show. Which doesn't sound bad. Not bad at all. Oh, and other things this show has going for it? Let's see, there that creepy black dude from The Wire & LOST (Lance Reddick), then there's the female lead who looks and sounds a lot like Cate Blanchett (Anna Torv), and oh yeah, Joshua Jackson née Pacey Witter or Charlie Conway, whichever you prefer. Think that's enough to get you tuning in?

Other trailer versions here. More preview clips here. And posters here.

UPDATE: A copy of the pilot episode was leaked at and so far, its gotten positive reviews. J.J. and co. are currently tweaking the first ep so if you watch this one (illegally) and watch the official one that'll air this fall, expect a few changes.

When you're done checking out all the Fringe stuff, check out this site which was mentioned on tvgasm. It tests a person's ability to distinguish between Korean, Japanese, and Chinese faces, food, art, architecture, etc. Needless to say, I failed miserably (I believe my score was 6 out of 18). Then my friend, Key, who's Korean, took it. And she got a 7! And THEN my other Korean friend, Min, took it and she got a 6. And yet another friend of mine, Zhen, who's Chinese, took the exam and she got an 8. So as it turns out, I'm not the only one who can't tell the difference. Haha! Anyway, the site needs a login name and password but it doesn't bother you with spam, so don't worry about it. If any one of you guys scores above a 10, let me know. Bilib na ko sa kinsa'y maka score ug 10 or higher.

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5 thoughts on “Fringe & alllooksame?

  1. anyway, i hope okay ang fringe. but first, i have to catch up on my LOST episodes, hehe. been reading a lot about the bloggers' reactions sa season finale recently, hehe. i am so intrigued na nuon…

  2. Me too! So no spoilers sa! As in, ga avoid gyud ko sa tv sites these days. I have the last couple of episodes but I'll watch them when classes end pa in about 2 weeks kay otherwise, ma bagsak gyud ko ani…

  3. mao gyud. one of the few perks of being here kay ang technology and its byproducts–GPS navigation, DVRs, netflix, wi-fi everywhere, etc. consuelo nalang for the lack of friends, filipino food and unsa pa akong na miss sa pinas…

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