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Haven't posted anything in ages which is a bit surprising you would think since I haven't had much to do, or rather, I haven't had much work to do for the past few weeks. I've had to do some things for a nonprofit organization some friends and I are putting up (more on that next time) and I've had to write of all things, poems (ugh) for the magazine but these things aside, I haven't really been working. Which makes me suspect even more strongly that procrastination was, is, the biggest motivator for my posts. No reason to procrastinate, no posts. Ha!

Today, since I'm procrastinating getting my room in order, here are a couple of links most of which I got from my friend Tobbie's blog, which I wanted to share with you guys:

Gap Ads: you've probably seen some of them before but I found this not-so-recent one of Audrey Hepburn and thought it too cute not share. Also, though I'm no big fan of Claire Danes, I do like me some Patrick Wilson, so here

For those of you in Manila, go visit Bookay-Ukay which is, you guessed it, an ukay-ukay store for books. Now, how cool does that sound? By the way, if you're at work and can't click on the links or surf other cool sites, this article and this may be able to help you out.

Also pretty interesting (at least I thought so) are the various types of quizzes people come up with these days: There's the "Which Filipino Food Are You?" quiz (apparently, I'm pancit; its different variations point to my "schizo-like personality"). There's also the "What Punctation Mark Are You?" (comma), the "What Advanced Degree Should You Get?" (Law), and "Are You A Mac or a PC?" (Mac). I also found out, that I'd be a cool parent (yay!), my personality is very rare (only 3% of women and 5% of men are like me), men see me as choosy (big shocker) and I can make 65% of men fall in love with me (why not?). My favorite was probably the 5 Factor Values Test which said that I value loyalty (at least until I'm crossed) and tolerance of other's beliefs and preferences but that I don't value honesty, generosity, or humility (harsh, but probably true). Oh, and if you believe in signs (which I don't), how weird is it that when I clicked on the "take a random quiz" link this morning, the "Why Don't You Have A Boyfriend?" quiz pops up? Naggety-nag-nag Mr. Universe (anything so annoying has to be male). And never mind nalang unsa ang answer sa quiz. =/

The final thing I wanted to share I got from my cousin, Tina, who sent me a link to David Kawena's latest undergarment-clad creation:

I have to say, even in the see-through ruffled shirt, Orlando still looks hot as all hell. The only turn off are the legs—I like mine with a lot more muscle. All the better to ride me with, my dear. Nyahahahaha [insert wicked laugh here].

Have a good weekend everyone! Will try to post pics of my trip to New York soon!

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7 thoughts on “some links and a Will

  1. hi vids! post your vegas pics as well. 🙂 anyhoo, thanks for the bookay-ukay link. wish i can visit it soon. i'll probably borrow their books (instead of buying) 'cause i have no budget, hehe.hey, david only did will? no jack sparrow? rawwwrrrr….and where's gaston and beast (the human version)? diba it was the most requested? guess david likes to surprise us, tehe…and yup, no to skinny legs….:)

  2. my test results:*filipino food — sisig*punctuation mark — comma*advanced degree — MBA*personality — very rare also (mine's 4%)* men also see me as choosy (hah, high five vids!)* can make 70% of men fall in love with moi *rolls eyes** i don't have a BF because i'm too busy {busy being choosy, eh?}didn't take the Mac or PC quiz…'cause i'm not exposed to Mac, hehe…for the 5 factor values test, i value tolerance the most…so konsintidor diay ko, haha!

  3. hey mae! will post the vegas ones after i get back–next week pa mi mangadto didto. yea, si will ra gi dugang ni david. and another hercules pic, this time nawong ra niya. alas, no abs, no skimpy underwear, not even skinny legs. 😦 congrats on being sisig. suya ko da. hehe. and you get 5% more men to fall in love with you. between my 65% and your 70%, you think naay chance mapahulog nato si ed? hehehe.

  4. gay kaayo face shot ni hercules *LOL* siguro kulang ug inspiration si david…or he got more "conservative", hehe…lately vids na lud-an kog sisig. usually when i overeat something, i feel nauseated the next time i see that particular food. it happened to me while i was a kid. i got addicted to brazo de mercedes to the point i puked (kay nag palabi lagi, haha) and had a fever. it happened to me again in high school. i became addicted to cloud 9 until i puked and had a fever na pud. sa sisig kay hapit nako mag puke so i stopped eating it. obviously nagpalabi na pud kog eat sa sisig pag abot diri manila, haha! naa man gud "budget-sized" sisig being sold near our place. tama jud si Lord, gluttony is a mortal sin, haha!as for ed, wala na siguro tay chance vids. if the blind items are to be believed, sila na daw ni chace..haha, yeah right! bitaw, if the 70% is true, how come i'm still single? waaaahhh!!!

  5. kay busy man gud ka. AND choosy. lethal combination na no. but i'm one to talk. according to the quiz, single daw ko kay my standards are too high. geez, when did intelligence, a sense of humor, raw virility, and devastating good looks become too much? you can't eat sisig na dayun? or you can't eat it for some time lang? ga ingon ana pud ko actually (a lot), i overeat but i've never felt like i couldn't eat the food again. except in the case of inun-unan. i don't know why, i used to like inun-unan a lot when i was young (mga 9 or so) but one day, i just stopped eating it. wala gani ko nag-overeat. i just haven't eaten it since. nor do i feel the urge to. i used to feel that way, too, about those sardines in a can with tomato sauce. ga kan-un nako na naka-gisa with tomatoes and onions. but one day, dili na ko ganahan. and for years, sardines in olive oil ra akong gusto. but just last month, gi mingaw na pud ko'g sardinas with tomato sauce. so my mom got me some sa filipino store and now i eat them again. haha. weirdness. sa isa ra diay ko ga sumhan. sa meat, not so far.

  6. haha, koraks! pwede pud pa add tall ('cause i'm short na so dapat tall ang guy, hehe), no hairy chest and back and faithful/loyal…sige lang, libre mangarap, hah!actually i'll not eat sisig for some time lang sa 'cause i stopped before i experienced the barf/fever thingie. ngil-ngigan jud ko everytime i see a brazo or cloud 9 and i don't want the same thing to happen to sisig. i love it too much, hahaha! by the way, speaking of sardines in tomato sauce, i'm still looking for a brand na medyo perfect ang timpla sa sauce. sometimes gina imagine man gud nako on how it should taste pero pirmi ko gaka disappoint. that's why i stick to those in olive or even corn oil na lang, hehe…

  7. mao! i can't eat the sardines in tomato sauce kung wala naka-gisa tomatoes actually. luod ra kaayo siya without the onions and tomatoes. and ga timplahun pa nako siya pud. i add some salt/calamansi and msg kay feeling gyud nako kulang ang lasa otherwise.

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