How I Spent The Summer: June 21-26 (NJ-NY)

DAY 9: I move to live with my cousins in New Jersey. On the way to their house, we pass by a monument of someone strangely familiar and as it turns out…it's my buddy JR! Add to to-do list: Take snapshot before I leave.

DAY 10 is spent gallivanting around Manhattan with Tita Nennette and Tito Jimmy (former neighborsof ours in Cagayan de Oro). We go to all the touristy spots: St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Plaza, Victoria's Secret's Annual Sale (haha), we even stop by The Palace, Serena van der Woodsen's home away from home. We're too destitute to try the $50 Gossip Girl-inspired grilled cheese sandwich, so we make do with people-watching at Central Park. Despite my aunt's stories of the celebrities she swears she's seen at Central Park (e.g. Eva Longoria), we spot no one of stalkerazzi value. Still, I have to admit, the view's not bad. =D

DAY 11: Laze-Around-The-House/Catch-UpOn–TV-Eps-I-Missed Day. Also, Finish-Work-For-Research-Paper Day.

DAY 12:
I watch Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The plot parts I suspect were written by George Lucas seem pretty unconvincing but the action is entertaining enough. And you know, it's Harrison Ford. and Shia LaBeouf. So no complaints there. I also sneak in to watch Get Smart for "free."

DAY 13: Because I don't think it'd be worth it to actually go up to visit the Statue of Liberty (and okay, I'm too cheap to pay the cruise fare), I hop onboard the Staten Island Ferry which offers a view of the Statue of Liberty AND is free. Of course, taking a picture of yourself with the Statue in the background, while keeping your hair from blowing all over your face is a talent that hmm…probably only Mackie possesses. In fact, the ones I took were so bad, you'll have to make do with the scenery shot without me (on left).

On Staten Island, I visit the museum and take a quick look around the park. It's too hot to really go around the island so I take a ferry back to Manhattan to visit Battery Park.

Battery Park is one of those picturesque parks you've seen a lot of in rom-coms. Everywhere you look, there's monuments to long-ago heroes, children eating hot dogs, musicians playing in the street, a guy having his portrait sketched, and vendors hawking their wares (I buy the cutest pair of earrings from this really friendly black woman who makes all her jewelry by hand). There's also Castle Clinton, which is, less of a castle, really, than a stone wall—hardly a fort, in fact, but they call it a castle nonetheless (silly Americans).

The ImmigrantsMan SleepingPhp180 for a Popsicle?!Obligatory Fountain ShotStatues of Liberty

Across from Battery Park is the National Museum of the American Indian, which I also visit. (p.s. Hope you got the ecards I sent!)

DAY 14:
Do-Nothing-At-All-Except-Shower-Sleep-And-Eat Day

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2 thoughts on “How I Spent The Summer: June 21-26 (NJ-NY)

  1. nag watch nakag iron man vids? hehe, just asking!anyway, are there lots of ridiculously good-looking people exercising in central park? 'cause that's what the media says, haha!

  2. well, i wouldn't say there are LOTS of them (or basin dili lang kaayo nako-type ang kano. hehe). but naay mga pwede na, i guess. see, you can already tell why i'm still single.

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