How I Spent The Summer: June 27-29 (W.D.C.)

DAY 15: I catch the 8:30 a.m. bus to Washington D.C. Or at least that was the plan before I got friggin' LOST!! Let me explain. You see, I've been wondering the streets of New York by myself for, around 3 weeks now and I've been feeling pretty smug because in all that time, I've never ever gotten lost. Confusing, crazy, and dirty as the subway system of New York maybe, I've always managed to figure it out. Until now. Because the subway system wasn't the problem, really. It was the address the bus company gave me. Note to future travelers of NYC, if someone tells you to go to the "6th." A good question to ask would be—"6th Avenue or 6th Street?" And then, just to be certain, look it up on a map because if the GPS you're carrying leads you to a non-existent intersection between two  parallel streets, and you find yourself in Chinatown where no one who knows where they're going speaks English, well, then…you're pretty much screwed. To keep a long story short, I missed my bus, couldn't find the bus station AT ALL, was thisclose to just chucking my prepaid tickets and going to Matt and Ben's hometown instead (Ironically, I managed to find a 'To Boston' bus stop), but decided to give it one last go by calling my friend in D.C. who looked up the address of the other bus stop (turns out Bolt doesn't even list its phone numbers on its website). Once I got myself to the other, easier-to-find, bus stop—2 hours late–I was praying for some other misguided fool to miss their bus (since tickets are for reservation only and all the buses that day were full). Miraculously, my prayers were answered and after hearing my sob story, the bus driver didn't even make me buy another ticket! So, all drama aside, by 10 a.m. I was on my way. I arrived at around 3, didn't get lost in Washington's transit system, managed to see 2 of the 17 Smithsonian Museums in the area, meet up with Nicole and Richie, my friends from Ateneo, tour Georgetown University (why is it whenever I visit a place, people always bring me to see their alma mater?), have some cheesecake at the Factory, AND visit the Iwo Jima statue in Virginia. Whew.

The Hope DiamondAt Georgetown (Nicole)At Georgetown (Me)At Georgetown (Richie)Cheesecake Overload

DAY 16:
Nicole, Richie, and I take a day trip to Annapolis in Maryland where we go on a short cruise and sample the 

local seafood. After lunch, we drive back to D.C. and visit the rest of the other tourist spots I missed yesterday: the amazing Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the White House (hangtud gate lang since they only give tours to groups of 10 or more), Jefferson Memorial, and Capitol Hill. Because that morning Richie also just opened a Facebook account, we spend most of the day trying to take the perfect photo for his Facebook page. The one on the left isn't the one he put up, but personally, I like it better just because "malaswa" kaayo iyang dating, murag ga pose for a Harlequin cover of The Bodyguard. Haha.   

DAY 17:
My last day in D.C. starts off lazily with breakfast with Nicole and Richie, followed by mass in Georegtown, and lunch. Since my bus leaves at 2 p.m. and I don't want to miss it (again), my friends drop me off early. I arrive back in my Uncle's place in Jersey at around 8 p.m. to find that not only did they wait to have dinner with me (aww), my Uncle made one of my favorites—roast potatoes and steak! As much fun as I had, I have to say, it's good to be back.

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2 thoughts on “How I Spent The Summer: June 27-29 (W.D.C.)

  1. haha! yes, mao pud na gi point out ni mackie sa ako when i told him about them. karon lang gyud ko ka bantay. sige raba na sila'g uban diay, all throughout college.

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