How I Spent The Summer: June 30-July 5 (NY-NJ)

DAY 18: Another Do-Nothing-At-All-Except-Shower-Sleep-And-Eat Day. And watch DVDs, of course.

DAY 19: I know I said before that I was too cheap to go on the Statue of Liberty cruise but curiosity got the better of me, so I decide to just go. First stop is historic Ellis Island, one of the main entry points to the States in the past. The port, now a museum, is really the only place you can explore but it's pretty interesting; you can even look up relatives who arrived (apparently a Sylvia Gabe made the journey to America).

Next stop: Liberty Island. Since my ticket included a Monument Pass, I got to go (climb, really) up to the Statue's base. Unfortunately, my camera's battery died on me so, sorry, no pictures. I did get great Statue shots earlier though, courtesy of a cruise guy who let me into the restricted section by the ship's prow. After my cruise, I stop by this doughnut place I heard about on the Food Network which is supposed to have the best doughnuts ever (better than Kripsy Kreme pa daw) but when I get there, the guy in the shop tells me to come back before noon tomorrow since they were all sold out. 😦

DAY 20:
I entertain the thought of going out for those doughnuts but…nah.

DAY 21 is the day I finally make it to The Met, home to thousands of priceless artwork and hiding place of Jamie and Claudia Kincaid. As it turns out they've been doing some renovation work on the front steps where the Gossip Girls hang out so, sadly, there's zilch chance of any Ed sightings. No matter though. I'm well prepared for this day: Met podcasts are loaded on my ipod, my shoes are comfy, and best of all, I managed to line up earlier at The Doughnut Plant and buy a few of their bestsellers. When I get to the Met, I decide to have myself a little doughnut breakfast first and…they're good. Really good. I can see why a lot of people like them; biting into the dough is almost like eating a cake. But that's the thing. Strange as it seems, I'm not really fond of cake, at least not the kind made from flour. So there you go. Overall, I'd say the doughnuts were on par (not better) than your average Krispy Kreme.

At 10 am, I join a free Met tour. It's led by a "volunteer," this elderly lady who reminds me a little bit of Angela 

Lansbury. She's wearing expensive designer clothes and has a French accent so thick I don't really follow everything she's saying (and I'm too scared to take her picture). But I do learn how to pronounce the names of the fancy French painters. The second tour I catch is by a student intern who introduces himself as Alex Benepe (pic on right).

I wander the Met till closing time and then I head straight to another place I heard about on the Food Network. This time, I go to Levain Bakery, reputed to have the best, thickest chocolate chip cookies this side of the earth. And oh my gosh, if that isn't the absolute truth. I took photos of the ones I bought of course, but the one I'm pasting here is better; though trust me, the photo doesn't even begin to describe how good these cookies taste. Because Levain cookies are just SCRUMMY! If you're ever in New York, got get some. Pronto.

DAY 22: I sleep off all the calories I gained eating those doughnuts and cookies.

DAY 23: It's the Fourth of July! And my last full day in New York. And there's only one thing left to do.

DAY 24: I fly back to Sacramento. Thank you to everyone who played host to me! (but sadly, will never get to read this blog)

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2 thoughts on “How I Spent The Summer: June 30-July 5 (NY-NJ)

  1. mmmm, (levain bakery) cookies!!! dili na lang doughnuts kay on par ra man kaha with krispy kreme, hehe…speaking of krispy kreme, i only like their original glazed doughnuts, not much of a fan sa uban flavors, i'm not sure why…
    by the way vids, i read last thursday na si "almost-naked cowboy" was caught in san francisco. i wonder what the hell was he doing there…basin slow iya business sa times square, haha!

  2. really? naa siya didto? haha. i need to go there biya by summer's end
    to have my passport renewed. bain mag-abot nasad mi. this time, i -eady
    na gyud nako akong camera. 🙂 actually mae, ako pud, murag original
    glazed ra akong natilawan na flavor sa krispy kreme.

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