Mother Chucker!


15 thoughts on “Mother Chucker!

  1. by the way vids, naputlan mig net sa pad, waaah! i hope naa nami net next week, hehe…

    anyway, though i'm not a fan of nate and serena, i hope they'll hook up 'cause i'm tired of D and S na jud. some fans are saying that the scene na ga kiss si N and S is to make some people jealous (presumably Dan and the older woman, Catherine).

    i noticed lagi that B and C have the best lines..sabagay they know how to pull it off man pud. S saying "Mother Chucker" will not have the same effect compared kay B.

    in a way okay na dili lovers sila B and C at the start of the season. cute man gud sila mag away, hehe…and i can't wait na mag selos si chuck kay marcus, haha!

  2. double eww! luod pa gyud ilang gipangkuha na actors. nagkatawa gyud ko! edu as rufu humphrey?! kc as serena?! omg. i cannot stop laughing. and i agree. if they ever do it, mo tan-aw pud tingali ko mae. it's going to be so bad, you can't not watch it. how's the pinoy ugly betty doing? nagstart na ba diha? kay having seen the colombian and american versions, curious pud ko makakita sa pinoy version.

  3. grabe ra ba jud ang ABS mu kopya vids. like what they did with the localized version of "my girl". i was able to watch the original man gud, the korean series, hehe, so ma compare jud nako. though i'm not sure kung stated sa ilang contract when they bought the rights na kailangan jud i-follow ang storyline up to the last detail. very very slight changes lang jud ilang gi apply like when the setting called for snow, syempre wala diri sa pinas so ulan lang…

    wala pa nag start ang ugly betty diri vids pero grabe na ang promo. it was rumored na pinaka expensive daw ang rights sa series, compared to the other series na na-acquire sa ABS. so if ever ma dayun ang GG local version, paging CW siguro. naay utang ang ABS nila…hahaha!!!

  4. lol. i'm sure mao na wala na sila ni gasto ug pa-revise too much sa script sa my girl. haha. but clear up something for me sa my girl please. diba cousins ang duha ka characters but wala lang sila kabalo, they thought they were just pretending? does that mean they don't end up together? i've never really followed either of the pinoy or korean series so wala gyud ko kabalo.

  5. vids! we just had our net reconnected today. unsaon ta man, yesterday pa nag pay akong bro, wehehe!anyway, regarding my girl, the guy was searching for his long-lost cousin. it was the "dying" wish of his lolo to see his apo since gipalayas niya iyang daughter when he didn't approve of the hubby but the daughter-hubby died in an earthquake sa japan. it was not clear dayun if their baby (the long-lost apo/cousin) survived.then the guy met this girl na con-artist. since he really believed na kamatyanun na iyang lolo, he hired the girl to pretend to be his cousin, para lang lugar ma at peace kunuhay ang lolo. miraculously the lolo got well and so the guy asked the girl to pretend some more, while looking for the real cousin on the side.the guy had an ex na tennis player (mala-sharapova of korea kunuhay) but they sort of rekindled their fragile relationship when the girl got back from abroad. syempre fragile na 'cause the guy was devastated when she left him for her "career" and there's this fake cousin he's getting attracted to (charing!). there's also this other dude (whose mom is a board member sa company ni rich lolo) who knew all along na fake ang girl and he's also attracted to her. funny lang 'cause the lolo wants this dude to end up with his "apo". (better to keep the riches within their family, wehehe)the lolo decides to officially adopt the "apo" but the ex-girlfriend/tennis player found out about the "scheme" between her ex and the girl so she reported to lolo. since nabisto na ni lolo tanan, gipalayas niya ang girl, with the condition na she won't show her face anymore and to never contact his apo/the guy.of course as love stories go, pinagtagpo sila ng tadhana after 2 years. some things were resolved, on why the lolo was able to forgive the girl and his grandson, etc…and they lived happily ever after, hehe!bitaw vids, honestly lingaw kaayo ang korean series. i was having my doubts at first and i thought it will be corny etc. but naa man diay certain humor ang koreans. only they can pull it off. if you've seen the movie "my sassy girl", ana klase na humor.i thought ako lang gabalik-balik ug watch sa korean series (16 episodes) but i found out some of my friends were watching it over and over pud diay. it's that entertaining and funny, hehe… that's why i can't help but compare sa ABS-CBN remake, waaahhh!!!

  6. wow! thanks for the recap mae. murag cute man diay ang story. ang ingon man gud sa akong cousin sa ako kay pretending to be cousins daw sila but they don't know they're real cousins man diay so i was like, so, what, incest lugar kung magdayun sila (not that there's anything wrong with that…) or dili sila'g magdayun? since the former seemed unlikely, i thought, ngek, dili man diay happy ending, so no point in watching. hehe. but since you've told me na happily ever after man diay ang ending, sige mo tan-aw nalang ko. even though i'm one of the few who didn't like my sassy girl. i just found the girl to be really irritating. and um, dili gwapo enough ang guy. hehehe. but i'll probably watch the american remake. kay gwapo man si jesse bradford (though i'm sure i'll be just as irritated by elisha cuthbert).

  7. actually extreme mga korean series vids. for drama-romance series, tragic kaayo ang stories (naa usually mamatay or magka cancer). so i don't watch those kind of series, hehe, kay i don't want to be depressed. akong gina watch mga romcoms, pero dili ra pud tanan. naa man gud korean-american blogger, ga blog siya about series worth watching so kung unsa iyang gina recommend, mu watch ko. so far, okay ang mga series na iyang gi recommend.actually pareha tag opinion sa korean sassy girl. dili guapo ang guy, haha! sa kadaghan guapo na artista, kato pa gyud ilang gikuha, pastilan! speaking of the american remake, murag sige lagi gaka postpone ang showing, yikes…dili kaha na ma straight-to-DVD or something? okay ra jud ilang pag cast kay jesse pero i don't see elisha as "sassy" jud, hehe!ay vids, since you talked about incest, naa jud mas grabe na storyline na taiwanese series. it was based on a manga actually. the girl's widowed mom and the guy's divorced dad are getting married and yet they pursued their relationship. romcom pud siya, with some slight drama pero i never minded the "controversial" plot na lang kay haskang guapuha sa lead. wala ra jud ang F4 guys compared niya, as in! ingon lagi sa uban forums he's the most good-looking taiwanese actor, wehehe…sensya na for blabbing. i can't believe man gud i'll like some of those "asian" (korean, japanese and taiwanese) series. there was a time na halos puro asian series akong gi watch and when i borrowed the heroes season 2 dvd of my friend, i was wondering ngano walay english subs. toinks! haha, mao na na!

  8. LOL. grabe, gi pangita-an man gyud ang heroes ug subtitles. my cousin, cacay watches a lot of asian series too. and si clarie pud sa japanese shows but she's fluent in japanese so doesn't really need subtitles. kadungog lagi ko anang mga matay na loves sa chi-novelas, mao ingon ko dili ko mo tan-aw adtong my girl kung dili man diay gihapon magdayun. what's the name of thie taiwanese series mae? para ma look up nako ang guy and tan-awon nako kung gwapo ba gyud. hehehe. really? na controversial ilang plot? but dili man sad sila blood relatives so, okay lang diba? i mean, it's not incest in the true sense. mura ra gud atong clueless–although divorced na pud to ang parents ni cher and josh.

  9. hi vids, "devil beside you" ang name sa series. the guy's name is mike he. wala lang, medyo nakurat ko sa series gamay kay diba medyo conservative mga asians. daghan kaayo siya kissing scenes (not that i don't like, haha) and to top it off, nag premarital sex pa jud sila. sorry too much info, hehe…though dili sila blood relatives, weird lang for them to have that plot in the asian setting. okay lang clueless kay weternized view man, hehe…ay vids, here's a clip…the aforementioned sex part, hahaactually among sa korean series, pinakagusto nako ang my girl, together with coffee prince. naa man gud chemistry between the lead walay namatay or something, haha! (here's a clip from the original my girl diay vids. the girl's not as pretty as the other korean actresses i've seen pero carry man niya ang role. My Girl Clip)ang japanese ug taiwanese childish au ilang series (halos tanan based man pud gud sa manga) pero i watch a number of them, mga no-brainer, pang kilig-kilig lang. hala ibog ko ni clarie dah, lingaw man gud paminawon ang nihonggo.ay isa pa diay ni ka observation. sa ka "manyak" sa mga hapon, grabe ka wholesome ilang mga series.halos walay french kissing dah. same with korean series though a handful of them kay medyo liberated na gamay.yikes, i saw diay ganina dvd copy sa my sassy girl vids. gi showing na diay siya sa US? or wala lang jud buzz about the film, hehe…naka line up na siya sa movies na akong i-download, hehe…

  10. hala, gi check nako ang imdb and i guess gi straight to dvd nalang diay nila ang my sassy girl. but naa lagi pud nakabutang show date sa pinas. june 4 daw. nagshowing ba dinha sa inyo? kay aug 28 pa daw ma release ang dvd sa states. saw the clip sa devil beside you mae. nagkatawa ko sa guy. conniving kaayo. napa-sex lagi niya ang babae. hahaha. he's good looking pero murag mas ganahan ko sa guy sa my girl (your right about the girl, though. dili kaayo siya gwapa pero may lang siya mo dala. and i can definitely see asa gi awat nilang kimerald). generally, mas ganahan man gud ko'g shorter hair sa guys. the guy in my girl reminded me sa kadtong gwapuhan nako sa endless love na autumn tale na si andrew. crush kaayo namo to siya ni jc (before she hooked up with her reali life andrew pa ni). sayang lang the girl didn't end up with him but with her "brother."medyo incest pud gamay ang plot ato, even though dili man gyud igsuon ang nagdayun.

  11. vids, never expected you knew about kimerald…haha, joke! anyway, lagi, buang kaayo ko before sa my girl lead. his name is lee dong wook and ni anhi diay siya sa philippines atong 2006. 2007 naman gud ko ka watch sa my girl so nag guol ko na late ra kaayo sa balita…kay kung i knew it before, ni anhi jud siguro kog manila ato ug bahala magpila pa ko sa ABS-CBN compound para lang makakita niya, hahaha!!! when i saw coffee prince, medyo nalimtan nako si lee dong wook gamay kay guapo gyapon ang lead ngadto, hehe…ay guapo man tong sa autumn tale vids. though wala ko ni watch kay naa lagi mga cancer-cancer ang plot, hehe.akong friend nag tell sa story. the guy is named won bin, gikan siyag serve sa military recently. mandatory man diay ang military service sa korean men, except for the very very rich and influential na gakalusot. by the way, gahapon lang nako napansin vids. showing na diay ang my sassy girl nganhi, nyek! pero download na lang ko uy, mahal na sine, average is 160 pesos…dili worth it si elisha sa big screen. hahaha!

  12. murag robinsons metro east na lang ang 130 vids, kato near kay jc…waaahhh! actually atong june 140 pa man sa gateway. was surprised na ni increase to 160 last month. guess they realized na ang SM man gani ga charge ug 160…thank God jud sa piracy, hehe!

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