How I Spent The Summer: July 19-20 (LA)

DAY 1: Road trip to LA! It's supposed to be an 8-hour drive but with my mom driving, it only takes us 6. This time 

around, I'm staying at my 'Uncle' Carlo's place in Glendale. When we get there a little past 3 in the afternoon, I'm the only one not exhausted (since I haven't been driving for 6 hours straight). So while my mom starts watching Enchanted on Blu-Ray, I call up my other driver Mackie who lets me tag along on his social appointmentfor the evening–hanging out at the festival in Sta. Monica. At the festival, I get to meet Mackie's BFFs Sahar and um, Michelle (?), and later on, Victoria and her boys. We would've hung out some more with Victoria and her British-posing friends, but Mackie didn't want to get sand on his shoes (seriously). Because there really wasn't much to see at the festival, here's a pic of Mackie and I shopping at the mall.
DAY 2: Carlo, Mackie and I bring my mom, who's never been, to the Getty Museum. While Carlo photographs every rock and fountain in sight (for Kuya Bang who's always looking for landscaping ideas), the rest of us get busy having our photos taken.

Me, Carlo, and MamaGetty Botanical GardenMama and the BoysThe Judgment of ParisArtist at Work

The day ends with our grabbing a late lunch at some really great Chinese restaurant and topping this off with ice cream sandwiches at some place really popular (if the line outside the shop is anything to go by).

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