How I Spent The Summer: July 21-23 (LA-Vegas)

DAY 3 is eventful, to say the least. It starts at around 3 a.m. when Carlo and I bring my mom to the emergency room of the nearby hospital to have her eye checked out—she'd been trying to get out her contact lens for the past couple of hours and complained that her eye was stinging. We're only in the hospital for a little over an hour till the doctor releases my mom, now wearing one patch over one eye. She says they flushed out the contact lens and put in some medicine to help with the pain but it should take a few days to completely heal. Exhausted, we all head back to the house to try and catch some sleep. I think I've barely gotten a few winks when Mackie and his mother arrive to pick us up (we'd previously agreed that Mackie would use his car for the trip to Vegas while my mom would drive us all to San Diego). I'm a little bit tired and feeling more than a little bit guilty about last night and having bothered Carlo, who's supposed to take his NCLEX exam in the afternoon. But after reasoning to myself that Carlo's pretty much brilliant anyway, I soon start looking forward to the day ahead.

Unfortunately, an hour into the drive, the car starts to overheat and despite our turning off the Ac and giving the engine a break, it looks like we're not going anywhere soon. 

The tow truck guy is kind enough to let us all hitch a ride to the auto shop, which is near the car rental agencies. At the auto shop, while waiting for our rental, Mackie consoles himself by having his picture taken. Of course.

After a couple of hours (okay maybe one hour but it feels like forever), we're back on the road and on our way to Vegas. We get to our destination past 8 in the evening and since we have tickets to watch the Cirque du Soleil: LOVE


show at 10 p.m. (Thank God, they were all sold out for the earlier show), we decide to forego dinner to get to the theater in time.

How can I describe the show we see that night? A video would be helpful, but we're not allowed to take pictures, much less film the performance. And it wouldn't have done much good, in any case. There are so many things to see, all at once that a second show is practically mandatory—and would've been on the menu, were I a couple hundred dollars richer. If you've seen the recent Olympics opening ceremony in China, then you have an idea of what the show looks like. With a couple dozen people (instead of the 2008 performers China employed) for each segment, it's obviously on nowhere near as grand a scale as the one China put on but is no less beautiful for it. And the music. Well. There's a reason why The Beatles are so popular.

After the show, we take more snapshots (on right); I swear, with Mackie around, you can't go 2 minutes without a picture being taken; and we, or some of us anyway, begin the gambling.

DAY 4: After a buffet breakfast and quick show at the Circus Circus where we're staying, we visit the Docdocil's former CDO neighbor, Norma Navarro, owner of an employment agency in Vegas and one of the most lavishly decorated homes I've ever seen (that wasn't on TV). After a couple of hours of chitchat, we're off to wander The Strip and a mini world tour of our own, starting with…

After gay old Pa-reeh, we head on to Greece, where silliness ensues:

Caesars Statues 1Caesars Statues 3Caesars Statues 2Ceasars Statues 4Caesars 5

We then catch the Bellagio Fountain show, followed by dinner, a quick viewing of the raunchy Treasure Island Sirens show and one last photo session at, where else but…

Luxor 1

On DAY 5 we leave Europe to go feast in Mandalay Bay for another eat-till-you-drop buffet. After brunch, while the moms hit the slot machines again, Mackie and I visit England (Excalibur), Egypt (Luxor), and New York in a matter of hours.

If that sounds exhausting, well, I guess it is. Which is why after our world tour, Mackie opts to take a quick nap while I  wander into a testing room that gives volunteers a sneak peek at upcoming fall shows in exchange for early reviews. I wish I could say I got to see the first episode of Fringe or Dollhouse, but no such luck. Instead, I got to watch a reality competition program called The World's Most Difficult Jobs or something like that. It was okay, I suppose—they had a Fil-Am contestant who, at least, was one of the better contestants—but it wasn't particularly interesting and I wasn't so generous with my review.  In any case, a couple of hours after, a couple hundred dollars less in our bank accounts (for some of us anyway) and about the same amount of pictures more in our cameras, we bid goodbye to Sin City and head back to LA. 

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12 thoughts on “How I Spent The Summer: July 21-23 (LA-Vegas)

  1. wow vids, it's always been a dream of mine to watch a cirque production. guess i have to channel "the secret", ehehe… but i heard that the cirque group will mount a show at macau, starting later this year i think or early 2009. still, lahi ra jud kung sa vegas mag watch.and uhm, can i have ma'am navarro's number? haha, just kidding!

  2. by the way, i noticed na way celebrities. mackie's not counted 'cause he's a friend. haha!wala lang, ma mention man gud sa gossip bloggers na k-fed usually hangs out in vegas. not that it's thrilling to meet him or any other z-list celebrities na papansin ngadto. *guffaw*

  3. yea, murag naa pud sila sa japan. and even sa broadway gani. basta, if you ever get the chance, watch gyud. kay super sulit. i was complaining nga mahal ang tickets sa sugod but bawi ra biya sa show. kung nurse or caretaker ka mae, i'd give your norma's number. but wouldn't rather go to england where according to the korean cliche, ma fashionable pa ka? wala'y pulos ang success kung baduy lang gihapon. lol.

  4. lagi mae. sadly wala mi celebs nakit-an. and i'm sure na whatever club gi adtu-an ni k-fed kay ma shock ang mga mothers. hehehe. i wanted to go to the pussycats lounge gani but there were so many other things to see and do man gud (na libre). next time nalang tingali. bisan si elvis wala nako nakit-an! busy man gud daw sa wedding chapels, ingon si mackie.

  5. "wala'y pulos ang success kung baduy lang gihapon. lol."—- haha, korek! murag ba kanang you can take the girl out of the barrio but you can't take the barrio out of the girl…or something to that effect, haha!anyway, i hope mag philippine tour ang cirque group. naa man siguro venues nganhi na maka accommodate nila. kay so far, diba kanang mga chinese acrobatic groups and the like ang naka perform diri? though lahi ra jud sila na for the ticket prices, naa man gani willing to shell out 20k to watch josh groban. kana pa kahang cirque. but if madayun sila nganhi, ayaw lang pud 20k, haha!!!

  6. they had a show before sa araneta colosseum but this was super sikat sila. murag at that time, vegas lang sila sikat. and so of course i didn't go kay even then mahal ilang tickets (mga 2-5K man tingali). then i read a review sa newspaper na sulit lagi gyud daw. but last day na pud to nila so wala na ko ka apas ug tan-aw. so who knows, basin makabalik ra diay sila.

  7. haha. sige lang mae. i'm sure daghan pa maabot. dinha naman ka manila ga puyo diba? you might want to join the powerbooks book club. lingaw man gud sila na grupo. puro book lovers gihapon. they recently held a breaking dawn party pud to coincide with others around the world. and sila pud nag-organize sa davis sedaris thing. kay among gi ingnan si mimi, ang PR rep at that time, na after fully booked got neil gaiman, dapat naa pud sila'y PR stunt nila no. hehe. who knows? you may be able to convince them to invite oh..i don't know…christian bale to autograph batman graphic novels? (hehe. medyo layo ra ko'g connection…)

  8. yup, sa manila ko based ron. hala vids, basin intellectual/"deep" ra kaayo na group ang powerbooks book club. maulaw siguro kog amin na gabasa kog judith mcnaught. bwahaha! bitaw, i'm sure they're a friendly bunch as vouched by your experience, hehe.actually possible mana si christian ba. haha, positive kaayo da! ni anhi man gani si rudy giuliani recently to speak (20k daw bayad sa nag attend…*gulp*).

  9. what?!! 20K for guiliani!! nako, unsa na kaha si christian! dili na sila super deep mae. i should know kay…i read judith mcnaught too!!! hehehe. once and always akong paborito. kay ganahan man gud ko'g away-away. akong friend though likes 'paradise' kay nindot gyud daw ang self-made man like matthew farrell. i have to agree. but sa book club, ubani si jc kaw kung free siya. ang ortigas man akong gi apilan nga branch (but murag ni balhin na sila sa trinoma). and naa pud sa greenbelt. i initially joined kay kung naa kay powercard, free ang book sa first meeting nimong apilan. but nalingaw pud ko kay naa pud kaon kaon usahay. courtesy of sponsors. heehee. usahay gani you don't have to read the book. as in. naay uban ni tunga sa pride and prejudice namo nga talk na wala ka basa sa book, kita lang daw sa movie. mostly UP students ang members. and gamay ateneans and 'others' (haha). you'd fit right in.

  10. kingdom of dreams and double standards akong fave mcnaught books vids, hehe. ganahan unta ko sa paradise but i hated the thought that after matthew, naa lain na lover si meredith (mao ba to ang name?). odiba, babaw au ko when it comes to those stories, haha!anyway, i'll try to ask jc after her kota kinabalu trip. i hope naa pa siya time sa mga book clubs 'cause i can't keep up with her sporty life, haha!

  11. lol. conventional romantic diay gihapon ka mae. and double standard ha! kay i'm sure matt (oys, feeling close pud ko) had more lovers after meredith too. i haven't read double standards actually. ging! naa ka ana? pahulam kung naa please. ikaw man gyud akong supplier kay mcnaught.

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