How I Spent The Summer: July 24-26 (LA)

DAY 6 is supposed to be the day we head to San Diego but with my mom's eye still healing and Mackie's

car in the repair shop, obviously we couldn't go. I'd booked tickets to watch Kimmel's taping early on but because we'd planned to go to San Diego, I had to cancel them as well. So instead, my mom, Carlo (who passed the NCLEX; Yay!), and I spend the day watching at the Americana where we sample some Pinkberry yogurt and catch two movies (but only pay for one. Haha). After the movies, we join my aunt and uncle for Carlo's celebration dinner (on right).

DAY 7: While my mom visits an old friend in LA, Mackie, Carlo and I gallivant around downtown Los Angeles. First stop is Mama's, which Mackie swears has the best tamales he's ever had. Then, we visit the LACMA, which I'd visited before, but has a contemporary museum I'd never been to. After LACMA, we head to Rodeo Drive so Mackie can visit his beloved Prada and we can gawk at one of the wait staff who Mackie thinks looks like Ethan Hawk (I'm not sure I agree but the guy's definitely not bad looking). A dozen pictures after (but sans any shopping bags), we line up at the Beverly Hills branch of Sprinkles, which supposedly serves some of the best cupcakes around. Though I don't generally like cakes and their related cousin, the cupcake, the ones at Sprinkles are pretty good, I'd say. Definitely worth waiting in line for, if you really like cupcakes.

LACMA 11Rodeo Drive Two 2Rodeo Drive 9Rodeo Drive 8Sprinkles 5 - Cupcakes

Just when we're about to cal it a day, my mother somehow talks us into having dinner at her friend's house for a belated birthday celebration where surprise, surprise, a karaoke mic was waiting. I'd post a video right here but I'm having difficulty uploading the rather large file so you'll have to settle instead for a screenshot of Mackie happily singing to Boyz II Men's Four Seasons of Loneliness (Note: Padili-dili pa gyud siya sa sugod pero pagkakupot lagi sa mic, dili na diay niya pabuy-an).

DAY 8: My mother and I drive back to Sacramento. Thanks again to Carlo and Mackie (and their respective 'rents)! I had a great time. Hopefully, on my next visit, we can finally go to San Diego—because I'm definitely getting tickets to the Comic-Con.

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3 thoughts on “How I Spent The Summer: July 24-26 (LA)

  1. lagi! perfect timing na unta to mae. the week i was in LA, mao to ang comic com. human naman tingali siya though. ni adto daw ang tibuok heroes cast but sa lost kay si matthew fox lang 😦 and smells like geek spirit gyud daw ingon akong sister (she has a friend who went man gud).

  2. "and smells like geek spirit gyud daw ingon akong sister (she has a friend who went man gud)."— LOL. murag dili lang in the figurative sense dah. joke!!!

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