i *heart* videos

unlike my friend marbee who first blogged about this, i used to think having an off-key groom singing to his bride at the reception was about one of the worst things one can do to another person. but this video below, by the venerable jason magbanua (the only asian to make the eventdv's list of top 25 wedding videographers worldwide), proves me wrong.

not only did this video bring me close to tears during that 'thank you for saying yes' part, it's kind of a cool idea for guys who can't sing but still want to be sappy on their wedding day (and shell out the 50K jason inevitably charges). it's very in the now, as they say. very youtube-y with the lipsynch and MTV-ish in execution but still kinda sweet.

i stumbled onto this video was because i was procrastinating again. WE asked me to write another commercial for the magazine again. and i should've said no but when i heard jason was doing the video (again), a little voice inside my head thought, well, if jason can do it the second time around, then i can too. which, immediately after i said yes, i knew was crap because i hate writing sentimental stuff and after WE somehow roped me into writing two poems last month, i'm pretty sure my supply of sappy phrases is all used up. so of course, today, i procrastinated by convincing myself it was necessary to do some research first. and i found this:

now doesn't that just make you go awww…? finally, i found this one, which may just top the first two as my favorite for the day:


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One thought on “i *heart* videos

  1. to my future husband (whoever you are), i will direct you to mr. jason magbanua's site. *hint, hint* bitaw, i think worth it ang 50k, based sa quality sa video. i mean there are even wedding photographers in CDO charging 30k-50k.that being said, dili diay sayun magminyo. dapat loaded with cash ka to have your dream wedding, hehe.LOL on the Ikea ad, or rather the dude who appears at the end.

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