Linggo ng Wika

The Filipino grad students (and friends) in Davis held a party yesterday to celebrate the birthdays of two of their group and invited me to tag along. The original theme of the party was supposed to be Linggo ng Wika/Filipiniana but somehow got twisted into into the Olympics as well. As a result, the food and decorations were Filipino but people had to come in Olympic attire. Surprisingly, people really did come in Olympic attire. Or variations thereof. See below.

Linggo ng Wika Party 1Linggo ng Wika Party 2Linggo ng Wika Party 3Linggo ng Wika Party 4Linggo ng Wika Party 5

Where was I during this whole event? Why, scarfing down quek-queks and Curly Tops, of course. Especially after our team lost miserably in the trivia contest appropriately titled 'Game N B U?' Categories for the quiz included, among others, 'Lab Teams' (identify the ka lab-team of the actor pictured); 'Scene It' (identify the movie from the video clip; I was the only one who got the 500 point question—yay! Answer: Panaghoy sa Suba), and 'Pinoy Olympian', which stumped everyone (Did you know that the first Olympic medal ever won by the Philippines was in swimming and that this was back in 1928?).

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3 thoughts on “Linggo ng Wika

  1. vids, what's the real score between quek-quek and tukneneng? diba quek-quek is the quail egg? how come some of the stalls interchange the two. their quek-quek is the chicken egg and the quail egg is tukneneng.stupid question really but which is which, hehe. for the record, i love the quail egg variety. *yum*

  2. na. wala gyud koy hanaw mae. but i've always referred to quek-quek as the quail egg ones and wala gani ko kabalo unsa'y tawag sa chicken eggs ones till you mentioned tukneneng. the party had both though. and siyempre nag take-home pud ko. wahaha.

  3. haha, sige quek-quek is the quail egg jud kay ever since mao akong bal-an na tawag sa iya. by the way, dili lang kaayo sikat ang quek-quek sa CDO dah. mao na akong na miss ngadto, haha! at least diri manila, daghan gabaligya, hehe..

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