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Thing I hate most about teaching: Those stupid, bleepin' students who think they're entitled to a grade change based on a) lazy sub-par work; b) illogical, circular, and not to mention, oh yeah, idiotic arguments (e.g. this class shouldn't be so hard) or c) a & b. Really. Just because people can complain on just about everything in the U.S. doesn't mean that they should. Suck it up people. Else the Chinese are going to be taking over your position as the great world "power" very very soon. *insert wicked, completely unsympathetic cackle here*

p.s. My sister gave me this link to funny dark knight humor. It's pretty hilarious. Much like one anonymous student of mine who, when asked what he/she learned from a pretty darn straightforward speech on stem cell research, wrote down, "Stem cells are people too!" Wow. Wala koy maingon.

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3 thoughts on “post #79

  1. LOL at the link! By the way, I'm reviewing for the local teacher's board right now so good luck to me by the time I practice my profession, hehe. Still, I would focus man pud on Special Ed. so by the time makapasa ko and all and hopefully work abroad, I wouldn't have students who will insist that stem cells are people too, haha!

  2. Lagi Mae! Besides college undergrads man sad akong gina tudlo. I'm sure the special ed kids (and adults) are much smarter. Or more reasonable, at the very least. Hahaha. Good luck sa teacher's board! I'm sure you'll do well. 🙂

  3. koraks, at least they have a valid reason why they think that way, hehe. bitaw, thanks vids! end of the month pa man ang exam.good to luck to your students as well, hehe! 🙂

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