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I was trying to drain my camera's battery the other week and took some pictures of my new room (just moved in this September). This is what it looks like when I go through the door.

Two of my favorite things in the room are in that shot.

And my landlord's cat seems to agree with at least one of them. 

Occasionally, I do manage to leave my bed in order to do some "work".

Surprisingly, though, the third best thing I like about the room is my closet.

Someday, that cozy alcove above will make for the perfect reading nook.

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5 thoughts on “post #80

  1. wow, i love your closet vids! do post the pic of your reading nook when it is finished, hehe.aside from your closet, i also like your bed. i'm so jealous. very jealous. haha! i have to make do with a single bed and thin mattress. 😦

  2. actually kana akong mattress mae kay airbed ni ate. murag naa gani gamay nga buslot kay everyday feeling nako na ni kuyos siya gamay so i have to feed some air into it. but comfy ra man sad siya. hehe.

  3. aws, pareho diay mo sa akong housemate. airbed gyapon to iya pero single lang, hehe.actually nag "exchange" mi ug bed ni kuya. i bought a "buy 1 take 1" mattress na queen-size but the problem is walay bed frame so sa floor lang siya. and since naka sale ang mattress, obviously poor quality, haha, so murag nigawas na single mattress lang gyapon. and one time, i saw a mouse in our room so mao nag exchange mi ni kuya kay iyang bed naay frame pero single lagi. regarding the mouse, it was exterminated already, hehe, pero wala nako nibalik sa akong original bed.

  4. haha. i can so relate. for 3 years sa college, single mattress ra pud akong bed, nakapatong lang ug banig. thankfully, though, wala pa koy close encounters with a mouse. but at least, diba, mouse siya? dili rat. 🙂

  5. haha, magbalhin jud kog pad kung rat! we got rid of the mouse the old-fashion way. kana bitaw fly trap na sticky ug surface? actually wa mi katulog ug tarong ni kuya one night 'cause i was studying and when i saw the mouse na na trap finally, i woke up my bro kay i don't want to deal with it, hehe talawan jud. ug sa kadugay namo nag react, nakawala ang mouse kay lihukan! syempre wa ko nakatulog kay naglagot ko ngano nakabuhi ang mouse. an hour or so later, na trap balik ang mouse (and i thought smart siya, haha) and i made sure that kuya got rid of it for good, hehe…i also tried to look for a banig pero wa may barato sa store na akong gi adtoan. i bought a tabletop cover na lang sa "japanese store" kay barato, hehe, basta naa lang mapatungan ang mattress.

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