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Had dinner with some friends last Wednesday. We were having a belated birthday celebration for the mayor of Davis who's Filipina. Tita Ruth, as the mayor's asked us to call her (though my Bisaya sensibilities cringe at using such a familiar term), was regaling us with stories from her trips back to the Philippines. One of them was on her meeting with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim—a result of the matchmaking efforts of some people who, apparently, had nothing better to do with their time and came up with some silly event to get them together. In any case, this is how it went down:

Mayor Lim hands Mayor Ruth the key to Manila.

Mayor Lim: "I suppose I don't have to tell you what this key is for."
Mayor Ruth: (coyly) "Why, I thought this was the key to your room."
Mayor Lim: (somewhat surprised but laughing) "I've heard about you. They told me you were single."
Mayor Ruth: "And they told me, that you're a widower."
Mayor Lim: "Yes, I am." He eyes her speculatively then calls out to the band (yes, apparently, there really was some hokey band playing) 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco'
Mayor Ruth: "Wrong city, you know," then, "Shall we dance, anyway?"
And off they went.

Of course, I've embellished a little. But that's really, more or less, how it happened. A few weeks after that meeting (which happened a little over a year ago), Tita Ruth calls up her now good friend Mayor Lim and asks him to be the honorary speaker for an event she's organizing in the Philippines. He says yes. When she tries to follow-up and confirm his attendance a few weeks before the actual event, it turns out he's committed to two other events on the same day. Realizing that he's basically going to stand her up, Tita Ruth calls another good friend of hers, former President Ramos, and asks him instead to be the guest speaker. Happily, Ramos shows up and saves the day. So there you have it. A modern-fairy tale played out among political players. Guess happy endings are just as scarce in the political world as they are in real life.

Here's a picture taken of us last Wednesday during dinner:

Links I wanted to share:

Blog ni Inday: Ang sosyal na katulong – got this from Tippie.

How to join the Power Book Club – blog post from my friend, Tobbie who hosts the meetings. Mae, apil na!

Pretty Bitter: Stationary that pushes the envelope

Finally, this isn't a link but someone posted this on a message board once and it made me laugh: "Zac Efron is jealous of Edward Cullen. But Edward Cullen is jealous of Dean Winchester." My god, these tweens take their teenage idols seriously, don't they?

p.s. Macks, I checked out your friend RJ, and nalingaw raba ko niya. Unsa na imong nakit-an sa iyang work? Any faves?

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7 thoughts on “post #81

  1. vids! i think the blog ni inday started from those inday text jokes way back in 2006 or 2007. i think lang ha, hehe. good thing somebody thought of compiling all those jokes in a blog, so now we have longer "stories" or conversations between inday and her amo or what-have-you…as for the power book club, i'll ask jc pud. medyo shy ko kung ako lang. haha!speaking of zac efron, according to some gossip bloggers, he's intested daw in taking over daniel radcliffe's role in equus. meh! LOL

  2. I didn't know that about the 'blog ni inday'. wala pud ba nagcompila sa mga boy bastos jokes? hehe. sige, ingna si jc apil mong duha.zac efron in equus? omg. palit gyud mi'g ticket ni mackie! LOL. but ngek. inviting ra kaayo ug daniel radcliffe comparisons and comments on their common need to break up with their tween fanbase.

  3. hmmm, you're giving me an idea about the boy bastos jokes vids. blogosphere here i come! haha, joke! anyway, michael k of dlisted blogged about zac's plans. the sun iyang source, which is not that credible to begin with, hehe. actually watched daniel's performance and naglagot siya kay wa daw kaayo niya na klaro ang private part ni daniel. haha, amaw jud! i have to admit this vids. mu watch pud ko kung si zac mag perform sa broadway if given the chance. haha! but i think dapat niya i-minimize iyang foundation, blush and lip gloss, hehe…he's too pretty!

  4. go mae! support gyud ko kung mag boy bastos site ka. bale manager lugar ka ni boy bastos. and then maybe you can make a deal with inday's manager para mag-joint appearance sila. hehe. magdugo tingali ang ilong ni inday sa kabastusan ni boy. thanks sa dlisted links by the way. na lingaw lagi ko sa iyang site. bastos pud and hinawayun. kinda like for zac, i agree he is too pretty. but in addition to losing the mascara, i think he should lose his shirt. nothing like a pack of six abs to remind us that he's a man, er, boy, or, um, manboy?

  5. i remembered last year, "boy bastos" was arrested for maintaining a porno site. (actually the guy used the domain so i guess na lang akong i-apply na domain. haha, joke!bitaw, up to now i'm still amazed that zac managed to have a six-pack. mao i can't help but admire him secretly. LOL

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