crack me up

i'm a couple months behind but i finally checked out moymoypalaboy, the two pinoy brothers who recently gained attention with their over-the-top youtube videos. according to my friend, alia, the two are so famous that they can now count the likes of regine velasquez and olgie alcasid among their fans. and according to this article, peter ceterra gives his two thumbs up as well (who knew peter ceterra was such a youtube fan?). to check out the dynamic duo, head to their youtube channel. i've yet to view more than a handful of their videos but so far my top 3 faves are this, this, and this.

* * *

jensen ackles is not only smoking hot. he's also hilarious. good job to the CW exec who though of running this blooper video as a promo for this week's episode. full blooper vid over here.
* * *

my friend, carol, gave me the link to this year's top 100 universities worldwide list. while no philippine university made top 100 (yet), we did move up significantly in the rankings from last year, with ateneo moving up from 451 in 2007 to 254 this year, and UP moving from 398 last year to 276 this year. dlsu's somewhere in the list too but i didn't bother to check its ranking (haha). and even though reading about zac's decision to study college in USC got me a little envious of your alma mater, macks (how come no celebrity ever enrolls in my university?), it did perk me up a little to see that UCD ranked higher than USC. yay! (sorry macks, couldn't resist).

* * *

finally, though this piece of news didn't exactly make me burst into laughter, i did crack a smile when i heard of charlaine harris running a sale for her own book copies. the sale runs until december 8 and every book for sale not only comes autographed by charlaine herself (special inscriptions allowed) but is also about a dollar cheaper than amazon's selling price. i hadn't planned on buying any of the sookie stackhouse books till the end (i'm waiting to find out whether she ends up with eric or not). but i just may give in this time. details of the sale can be found here and here. and if anyone's interested in ordering for themselves, send me an email. i can get you copies though i'm not quite sure when i can send them to the philippines. we just shipped a box for christmas so it should be a while before we send another one. my mom's going home next june so at the very latest, i can probably send it by then.

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7 thoughts on “crack me up

  1. hi vids! karon pako ka encounter sa moymoypalaboy. thanks for the link, hehe!and uhm, ABS-CBN didn't mention DSLU's specific ranking. basta between 400-500 daw sila, along with UST. i hope a green archer is not reading this. LOL

  2. i can't believe mas taas pa ang ranking sa mga Thai Universities kaysa atoa! "Chulalongkorn University" (166 [223 last year]) & "Mahidol University" (251 [284 last year])…unsa lugar pasabot ani? Mas bright ang mga thais kaysa pinoys? Madahan!?!

  3. abi nako ulihi na ko sa balita mae! murag naa naman gud sila'y gig sa bubble gang but hinuon, kapamilya man ka diba? not kapuso. and don't worry. wala'y green archer sa akong neighborhood. i think.

  4. haha, yup, kapamilya mi diri vids pero i love bubble gang. kaso lang wa nako ka watch for a long time so nabya-an na jud ko sa panahon.and nakatawa ko sa comment na "madahan" sa imong friend. true-lily jud. sawadhika my butt! just kidding! 🙂

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